Quickie update

So much for New Year's resolutions, huh?!

Approaching the halfway point through 2017, and here's what I've been up to so far:
- The Canadian and I bought a house
- Trip to Indianapolis for my bachelorette party
- Mannie was diagnosed as a diabetic (after getting really sick really fast and was in the kitty ICU for almost a week)
- WE GOT MARRIED in March!
- We had to say goodbye to Mannie a little over a week after the wedding
- Harold (my first car, a trusty 2004 Civic) overheated and died on a weekend trip to Phoenix, creating the need to buy a(n unplanned) new car less than 48 hours after his untimely demise :(
- Trip to Vegas for the seester's wedding
- I struggled through the remainder of my marathon training and finished the Fargo Marathon in a little over 3:34
- Trip to Boston for a good friend from high school's wedding!

WHAT IS GOING ON. (Too much, that is the correct answer.)

Running hasn't been great since pretty much after LA last February. I started working with Nichole again after a very disappointing Tucson Half back in December, but came down (hard!) with the flu in late January/early February, killing my Casa Grande half and Phoenix full plans.

I'm hoping to get a few race recaps up soon (let's see, 2016 Boston, Saguaro Park 5K, Phoenix 3TV half marathon, Tucson half marathon, Rock n Roll PHX 5K, 17/26.2 miles of the Phoenix Marathon, a couple of local/Phoenix 5K's, and then Fargo...phew!) and a big wedding post :)

For now, though, we're trying to get the house in shape (and get the solar system sorted out, figure out what's going on with the irrigation system, keep hacking at the jungle/bushes, keep the birds out of the porch, finishing painting the house inside, schedule an estimate for exterior house repairs and painting, schedule an estimate to get a tree taken out, etc...) and I'm trying to get back into shape via anything but running. It just feels like I can't catch a break (like, things calmed down with the wedding and Mannie, then the car blew up; we finally felt like we were getting a handle on the house, then the solar and irrigation acted up) and sometimes I'm very tired (emotionally more than anything else) and just feel so frustrated. I've started doing yoga ~2x a week, but as soon as I come home, any peaceful vibes I had going just *poof*.

So yeah.

It's been crazy and busy and I've cried a lot, but hopefully things are looking up soon!


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