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So you want to run the Boston Marathon...


I promise that I didn't forget about you or anything, but has been busy, not with anything special, necessarily, but just normal life stuff (like kitty cuddles, running, time with The Canadian, and workity-work-work).

Speaking of work...I have my finisher's certificate from the 2015 Boston Marathon up in my cube space, and it seems like once a week, someone will ask me about it. My boss is also very excited that I'm running Boston this year, and has already asked about runner tracking for the race :)

I also seem to get a fair number of questions about how do I, exactly, end up at the starting line for Boston. Do I have to qualify? What's my training like? What do I like most about the race/Boston experience? Why on earth would I subject myself to a marathon?

If you've ever thought about any of those questions, I have a treat of a post for you! Read on, gentle readers, read on...