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2016 LA Marathon

Woo hoo! Race recap time!

My first marathon in ~10 months was a good reason to be very excited AND nervous in the days leading up to the 2016 LA Marathon. Originally, my runner gal pal Erin from Purdue was going to run LA too, but an injury in December sidelined her training, and I was going to be racing solo :/ To add insult to injury, the Southwest got HOT the week before the race. When I checked the weather on Wednesday or Thursday night before packing started, the Sunday high was predicted to be 90. NINETY. WHAT.

Saturday, the 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon was held right by the Convention Center where packet pickup was. Of course I didn't want to miss an opportunity to runner-geek-out and see so many of my running idols, so The Canadian and I picked out a spot in the shade of a fence along the course and stuck around for about 75% of the race before retreating to air conditioning and relaxation. I can't imagine how difficult that race must have been for everyone; we saw a f…