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Not-yo Cheese

Sometimes, you just need a bunch of Funfetti Nachos. Recipe to maybe never come, because I don't want to be blamed for turning anyone into an addict...

Belated birthday party this weekend, awwwwful long run/workout on Saturday, rounding up tax forms on Sunday.

I love (head)lamp

I know that I am either a.) getting old and boring or b.) a ginormous running nerd when getting something as simple as a NEW HEADLAMP for running makes me legit happy!

29 and feeling fine

Yay! I had a birthday this week (Thursday, if you care to know)! Even though I had to work Thursday AND Friday (ugh, 5 day work weeks are THE WORSE), The Canadian tried his darndest to make sure I had a good time :)

The Hip Saga: Part I

In keeping with this year's (apparent) theme of regular blog updates, I should probably fill everyone in on the latest development in my life: Gimpy Hip.

I had problems with my right hip starting back in undergrad. At first, it was just an issue while I was driving - it felt very much like someone was ramming a steak knife into my hip socket from the side. Ouch.

It wasn't until sometime in grad school (the exact timeline gets *very* fuzzy here...) that it started to become more of an issue. At first, it was just a nuisance during long runs, and then only when they were done piecemeal with stops to pick up new people. The first few steps after a stop, I'd be all hobbley for a little bit. Then, it started to pop up more often during long runs, even during short stops, like at traffic lights. Then speed workouts. Then hills. Then during normal, easy-pace runs.

If I didn't stop every 2 hours during road trips to get out and stretch, I'd be hobbling out of my car at my …

Cheers to a New Year!

In another astonishing feat, I am actually keeping up with updating the blog! BE STILL MY BEATING HEART.

In case you forgot what my resolutions were for 2015 (because I totally did...), here's a handy recap:

That said, 2015 is already shaping up to be better than 2014 was! The Canadian and I rang in the New Year at Howl at the Moon in Chicago, I'm going to run the Walt Disney World marathon on January 11 [Success! 3:20, and a fantastic week at the Disney Parks...], a pretty awesome trip for Spring Break is (kinda) in the works [A trip actually happened! The Canadian and I celebrated my last Spring Break in Las Vegas], I have a schedule that I feel good about to get my defense and dissertation FINISHED [Also: it happened, despite my advisor's best efforts...)], I'm going to run Boston again (and then run Big Sur six days later...) [Yup, and never doing it again...TOO MUCH], and I'm going to FINISH my PhD [Bam!]. That gets me to mid-May. [Which was totally fine, since …