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Manwich's Big Adventure!

In case you missed it, I'm moving. Again. This time, to Arizona! It's basically my first real move (that is, one involving the interstate, multiple time zones, and paying other people lots of money to haul my stuff). Mannie was upset about the disruption and decided he was too good to sleep on the floor (or he was nervous that he'd get packed up in a box if he wasn't sleeping in an obvious place)...
In order to get a Mannie cat from Point A to Point B, I needed to successfully navigate the WL to Indy drive, IND security, two flights, the Minneapolis airport, and a drive from Phoenix to Tucson.
Our trip got off to an uneventful start when Mannie assumed his normal car spot on the middle front armrest and proceeded to drool on M's leg for 75 minutes. I wiped down his special airplane carrier with pheromone wipes and in he went! Success so far! Then came security. When The Canadian traveled with Miss Sammy, he didn't have to strip AND take her out, so I wasn't …


...isn't waiting in line at the Post Office or the BMV.

It's waiting on your advisor to respond to your emails and read your dissertation because your life is literally on hold until he does so.

I am so PhDone with this nonsense...

2015 Big Sur Marathon - Boston 2 Big Sur, Part II

Sometimes, the fact that something is a complete and total unknown is a good thing. Case: I didn't know what I was getting into when I ran my first marathon, and it ended up being my fastest time for a year and a half.
Sometimes, being blissfully ignorant is the only good thing about a situation. Case: Running two marathons on opposite coasts SIX days apart.

2015 Boston Marathon - Boston 2 Big Sur, Part I

This spring's training and racing has been a little different from previous years for lots of reasons. In terms of training, I just never really felt like I hit my stride/found my groove, and it resulted in some 'meh' races and a huge lack of motivation.

Luckily, as the 2015 Boston Marathon grew closer, I was able to reclaim some of that excitement and I was looking forward to the trip to Boston (and running, too, I guess). I was able to stay with my wonderful HS pal in Somerville again (and chill with Miss Biscuit and eat like a queen), plus meeting up with a runner from WL and another TNC member were also on my agenda.

Sunday in Boston was GORGEOUS. I hit up the expo, bought a hat (got my jacket and a tank ahead of time this year...lesson learned from 2014!), and went out for a delicious lunch. I watched so many movies and had a couple of good shake out runs.