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WDW Marathon recap

I guess I owe you guys a race recap, right?

I can't believe that two weeks ago, I was hanging out in the Magic Kindgom, spinning around in a teacup/meeting Ariel/eating Dole Whip/celebrating my 28th birthday! Today, I'm spending 7 hours in the tutorial room for ME 200. Boo :(

Going into the marathon, Nichole made the comment that she thought I was in sub-3:15 shape. Crushing some major workouts IS a really good sign :) Unfortunately, I am not a very good racer in heat and/or humidity. Orlando's forecast was calling for a decent amount of both (for a marathon, anyway). Thankfully the forecast kept getting cooler and since the race started at 5:30am, I was going to be running a decent chunk of it in the dark.

Race game plan: UCAN 30 minutes out, 5:00 super easy jogging with 10-15 minutes to go, UCAN goo at 1 hour, Roctane Gus every 45 minutes after that (total of 3, with a backup 4th). Start out 5-10 seconds/mile slower than goal MP (so 7:35-:40), go for the 3:15 and see wha…

Ready or not...

...I run a marathon on Sunday!

Last year, I thought training for and running Boston was a challenge because I had to training through the winter and hope that March wasn't gross. But then April rolls along and usually feels super spring-like for enough time that you aren't afraid of running for 3.5 hours in shorts with your winterfresh legs on display.

This marathon is NOT the same. November (with the exception of Thanksgiving) and December have both been pretty mild in the Midwest. (I *was* running in shorts on Christmas Eve!) This week, however, Indiana has been in the icy grip of an arctic blast this lots of treadmill time and a frantic (but successful!) attempt to sneak into Lambert yesterday morning.

My poor tender flesh is not ready for the heat (or the humidity...oh the humidity) of an Orlando morning. CoRec running is my feeble attempt at heat acclimization, so we'll see how that works out for me. They had wind chill warnings issued for Disney/Orlando thi…

Welcome 2015

The start of a new year provides a handy excuse to wrap up your life in neat boxes and check things off lists. Here we go with my resolutions/goals for 2014:
I'm going to run the Boston Marathon. Yup! 3:28, and it was totally a spectacular time, both on the course and with friends in Boston. Can't wait to run again in 2015 :)I'm going to graduate from Purdue University with a PhD. Sigh. So close! I did walk at commencement though...I'm going to get a job. It will be an awesome job. I will love it. Not quite, but I am currently applying for positions!I'm going to enjoy running and throw myself into this with gusto. ABSOLUTELY! I had a phenomenal winter/spring training and racing season and took a break from marathons to focus on my speed this summer/fall.I'm going to update this blog at least twice a month so y'all can follow the adventures of me and my fuzzy cat :) Check! Fuzzy cat is getting fuzzier and I had some amusing posts :)I'm going to use my fea…