Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Oh man, you guys. 2015 is going to be the BIGGEST PILE O' CRAZY I've experienced yet!

Previously, in Sharona's life...

- This summer/fall, I forsook marathon training in the name of being a Ms. SpeedyPants. This goal was met with mixed results. My goal half marathons, Columbus and Indy Monumental, didn't go how I wanted and now I have a *very* cranky hip, but, you know...adversity builds strength and all that jazz.

- Mannie was dressed up as a pumpkin. I am still alive. Sammy was dressed up as a pumpkin. The Canadian is still alive and receiving dead mice from Miss Sammy. Life goes on.
So very true. You've been warned...
- December 2 was scheduled for D-Day! Unfortunately, I was a little too ambitious with my plans for this semester, and now my Due Date has been moved to mid-late February. I cannot tell you how less stressed I am about *everything* in life right now. I'm still going to walk for commencement in December since my friends are graduating, but I won't actually be Dr. SmartyPants until May 2015. Bummer :-/ I'll try to keep everyone updated on the page count/overall progress of my little bundle of joy! (What are your suggestions for the most obnoxious pregnant-lady things I can do with my dissertation? I'd take belly shots, but they seem a bit anticlimactic. I don't plan on gaining thesis weight...)

So. 2015: Disney Marathon. Boston Marathon. Big Sur Marathon. Defend my dissertation. Graduate. Get a job. Move out of West Lafayette. Just...normal life stuff, right?

Can't wait until this is me! ABD!