More race updates - final stretch!

School has been so busy recently! TA hours, lab struggles (then miraculous solutions), training program duties, attempting to piece together a social life...I am so thankful that my friends understand all of this and tolerate me :)

Two races since the last time we talked, gentle readers:

Delphi Diamond Dash (Delphi, IN; September 13)
This was a cute little 5K just up the road in Delphi. It wasn't big and I had no idea where the course went, but it was fun! I forgot to start my watch, but I was averaging 6:25 pace for 2.31 I'm gonna say that I ran a 19:50-19:55. Whatever my time was, it was good for 1st place female and a top 5 overall finish! This was one of the first cool mornings that we had and it was GLORIOUS!

I'm Shalene Flanagan, and I hover
when I run..
Choholic Frolic 10K (Indianapolis, IN; September 28)Results!
This was the first time this event was in Indy, so of course there were a few hiccups. I don't think anyone was expecting late September to be as warm as it was, so a 10am start time for the 10K sucked. The course wasn't anything too exciting, two laps through the state fairgrounds, but the post-race chocolate/food was nice and the age group/overall awards were AWESOME! I have a new "10K" PR* (the course was awkward old man pants short), 2nd place female, 1st place in my age group (20-29...serious business!), and 4th overall. 

This race kind of crushed my soul a little (dramatic much? le sigh...) and I ended up running for barely 20 minutes on Monday and took yesterday off (aside from some leisurely biking and a yoga for runners video). I have mile repeats tomorrow, a decent long run/workout on Saturday, a big workout next Wednesday, and then...the Columbus Half Marathon! The goal there is to run 6:45-6:50 miles and break 1:30. Bam. Easy peasy. I'll leave you with a picture of CHOCOLATE:
Chocolate gives me the giggles :)


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