Friday, September 5, 2014

Race updates!

Since my last post, I've been a bit busy with the start of my last school year (specifically, TA many. hours.) and racing! Training has had its ups and down, mainly due to the sudden appearance of SUMMER, but I'm (still) not hating speedwork as much as I feared I would, and people are noticing my impressive muscles from Nichole's lifting plans :) So what have I been up to on the racing front?

Only race picture of me:
ugly/wonky part of stride
Fail! :-/
Katie's Run for Autism (Noblesville, IN; August 17) - Results!
So this was a first-year race in Noblesville which didn't really bother me since they had held this event in Bloomington for a few years...but I should have been wary of a first-year race. It was pretty low-key, which was nice for my first race back, but the weather was a big pile of suck as it was warm and HUMID. I was in first for miles 1 and 2, then my legs pooped out and I got passed by a girl and her training partner dude. Needless to say, I wasn't super stoked about ended up second, but then the results people/timing company screwed up results hard core and I was left off the list AND the awards list. The 'third' place woman didn't show for her award, so I snagged her glass and booked it home. Luckily the race sticker on the glass peeled off without too much work, so there's a win. First race of the season, done. Ick.

Not shown: Old, old orange shoes :)
ONU Alumni XC Meet (Bluffton Nature Preserve, Bluffton, OH; August 29) - Results here!
I love going back to ONU events to see the team and meet up with all my Polar Bear alums that I haven't seen in a bit. This year was hot and humid like last year, and the course wasn't well shaded for the second loop of the 5K route. I got out well, in second for the alumni behind Karen, and then just tried to hold on to my position. I ended up second for the alumni team, 19th overall, sneaking in just under 21:00. My legs (ok, just my left quad, basically) hurt like hell after this. I'm not sure if I blame grass or the fact that I wore my college racing flats (since I couldn't find my high school/college spikes...).

Blueberry Stomp 15K (Plymouth, IN; September 1) - Results!
I was really hoping for a fantastic race and a chance to snag some money, but 'twas not my day. Another adventure in humidity, so that sucked. I forgot that this course rolled so much in the middle section, so even though I tried to keep up the intensity and the pace, I fell off the speed wagon a little and ended up fourth female overall. At least I won my age group and ended up with a Sportsula...a giant grill spatula with a bottle opener in the handle! As soon as I get a grill, that sucker will be getting a workout :) I should also note that Erin and I were super disappointed by the lack of blueberry pie at the festival. Yes, we found blueberry mini-donuts, but they just don't cut it when you've had your heart set on pie and ice cream for days. Le sigh.

Next up is a 5K in Delphi, IN followed by a 10K down in Indy at the end of the month. My legs have been feeling pretty beat up lately with all the workouts, but I'm really hoping that it pays off with a 1:29:XX half marathon in ~6 weeks!

In non-running related news, I have a (long overdue, like, haven't gone since March?!) haircut this afternoon. Erin dyed her hair black and got some dark red highlight put in her bottom layers, so I've been toying with the idea of a bit of a hair change. Maybe long swoopy bangs? (But then they might be a pain in the bum while I run, and my butt hurts bad enough as it is. Also: Jenny Simpson's race pictures with her bangs look a little goofy, but she's running SO WELL right now that maybe bangs are the answer?) Maybe some streaks of awesome color in there somewhere? 

I had lunch with Gingerbread Man at Jimmy John's today and he was teasing me about finding all sorts of stuff in my hair since it's so flippin' long. Like, maybe I'll get a few dollars in change and find my spare car key in there :)