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Race updates!

Since my last post, I've been a bit busy with the start of my last school year (specifically, TA many. hours.) and racing! Training has had its ups and down, mainly due to the sudden appearance of SUMMER, but I'm (still) not hating speedwork as much as I feared I would, and people are noticing my impressive muscles from Nichole's lifting plans :) So what have I been up to on the racing front?

Katie's Run for Autism (Noblesville, IN; August 17) - Results! So this was a first-year race in Noblesville which didn't really bother me since they had held this event in Bloomington for a few years...but I should have been wary of a first-year race. It was pretty low-key, which was nice for my first race back, but the weather was a big pile of suck as it was warm and HUMID. I was in first for miles 1 and 2, then my legs pooped out and I got passed by a girl and her training partner dude. Needless to say, I wasn't super stoked about ended up second, but then the…