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Reality vs Cookbook

So back in June, Erin bought me a copy of The Runner's World Cookbook. She had made a couple of recipes that were pretty good, one of them being some type of cake...featuring black beans. What. But seriously, it was pretty tasty! Barely beany at all.
Fast forward to this past weekend when I decided to try my hand at the same recipe. I should have know that I was sailing in dangerous waters when I was looking up substitutes for agave syrup and oat bran flour.

The initial steps were promising:

but unfortunately, things weren't quite as tasty as they seemed...
 Needless to say, I need to compare notes with Erin because this recipe was a complete and total FLOP for me. So now I'm stuck with a 9"x13" pan of beany brownie things in my fridge. (At least the frosting is decent...) Any takers? :)