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Taco Tuesday!

Ok, not really...sorry :)

My last post wasn't a post as much as me inventing a reason to use a Kelly Clarkson song, so I actually apologize for that. I'm sure that you've all been gnawing away at your fingernails to see what I'm up to!

Fear not, gentle reader, the wait is over!

I've been in a weird funk recently and I'm not totally sure what's behind it. Maybe it's the fact that from 9am to noon every single weekday, I sit in an overchilled, windowless tutoring room and answer questions/hold hands/put out fires for my Thermo Babies. (At this point, my future possible careers as professor and/or mother are questionable.) Maybe it's the fact that it's currently only 72 degrees...and it's JULY 29. WHAT.

Or maybe, just maybe, it's because Nichole is trying to turn me into a speed demon with track workouts, therefore making my running recaps all ~*suPeR speCIaL*~ "Hey guys! Today I ran really fast around in a circle. Then I stopped and …

Dear Running

'Cause we belong together now, yeah Forever united here somehow, yeah You got a piece of me And honestly My life (my life) would suck (would suck) without you

Vote For Me!

I've submitted an entry to the December 2014 Runner's World cover contest!

Much like my Saucony Hurricane application, it was done as a 'hey that sounds fun' turned into 'hey I'll actually do this' idea. Unlike my Hurricane application, I'm hoping this one will be successful!


Stuff I'm Loving - July Edition

Today marks the first day of my new training cycle! Nichole is having me focus more on speed for the next month-month and a half. I'm equally nervous and excited. I never though I'd break 20:00 for a 5K and now my PR is a 19:43, so I have a faster-than-marathon-pace gear in there somewhere!

I took two weeks almost completely off of running after Grandma's. I was sick for the second week of that (boo!), so it was a much-needed break. No cross training, even! To say that I was lazy would not be untrue :)

So what's on my radar of Cool Stuff We Should All Have for July? Here we go!

Meijer Dark Chocolate Cocoa Dusted Almonds
Someone (I think it was Jenn) gave me a bag of these in my box o' awesome. They. Are. Delish. Almonds are pretty good for you until you cover them in chocolate x 2. They're also a super tasty car snack, so +1 for summer roadtrips! (Just don't leave them in there, lest they melt and make you sad...)

Lindt Chocolate Minis
Also in the box o' …