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The Angry Carb Monster

I like this whole 'regular update' thing; it's kinda nice :)

One really big change to my taper before Grandma's Marathon was to try Nichole's carb depletion/load cycle diet...thing. I was a little nervous before starting it since her blog posts on the subject weren't especially encouraging. Lack of carbs + first week of summer TA hours = potential for a meltdown

Honestly, it wasn't quite as terrible as I was expecting. I really missed my carbs, yes, and it was incredibly annoying to learn that just about everything has too many carbs in it for my pseudo-Atkins diet. It was hard for me to get enough calories in...there's only so much chicken and tuna I could stomach.

Thanks to my handy-dandy calorie tracker website, I could keep track of carbs and calories. I also downloaded a few Atkins diet menu plans to give me some ideas (totally recommend doing this!). So what did I end up eating?

Eggs. Lots of eggs.Sausage links!Almond milk (not terrible...get origi…

2014 Grandma's Marathon

Hey howdy ho, neighborinos! I ran another marathon this past weekend up in Duluth, MN (home of Kara Goucher!). Since I have been lax about blogging lately, I figured I should get this post up so you don't think I've fallen off the face of the Earth or anything...
On Thursday, I flew into MSP where Nichole and company were planning on picking me up. My flight was delayed coming out of Indy (THANKS DELTA), so it was late when I got into the Twin Cities. Luckily, the Porath Prius was fully loaded with Rice Krispie treats, so Nate was happy. Wearing my bright orange Boston jacket was a smart move because the airport was pretty busy. Craig definitely had no problem spotting me as I stood in the middle of everyone, looking like a lost puppy.

Friday was chilly, foggy, and full of surprises! We stayed in a house that is rented out to four guys attending the UMN-Duluth. It reminded me so much of Thee Taj from my ONU days, hence the reason for wearing socks (at least) at all times...


How to...make a dress in less than 24 hours

I'm currently holding my first session of TA hours for the newly-started summer semester. I have one student. Yay!

I'm also currently trying to not think about foods with carbs in them (which, btw, is practically EVERYTHING). I would just about kill someone for a bread crust right now. Ugh.

Anyhoo, I went back to fair Ohio last week for a few days. Not as scenic as Wisconsin, but I got to see mum and dad for a few days and meet the new kitties. I didn't plan on doing anything terribly productive, but then mum asked if I wanted to swing by JoAnn's and I had to say YES of course, and then I remembered this super cute dress that Kristel made and YES, I would like to make that. In less than 24 hours.

So how do you do this? Lucky you, I have this super helpful step-by-step (mostly) tutorial! Here we go!

STEP 1: Pick a pattern that says EASY on the package. It will be a big, fat liar, but won't hurt your chances of success. (Pro tip: pleats are not easy.)

STEP 2: Cut out…