Saturday, May 31, 2014

Putting it all in perspective

Perspective is one of those sneaky things that seems to work out better for everyone else.

Like, you are complaining to your significant other that you feel so fat and lazy. If they're not a terrible human being (or if you aren't legit fat and/or lazy), they'll probably respond with something along the lines of "Oh, that's not true. You're not on 'My 600 Pound Life' or sitting at home every day. I bet your sofa doesn't have a butt-shaped dent in it!" Well, ugh. I mean, technically, they're right BUT (and that 'but' negates everything before it!), you still feel fat and lazy.

I had a friend of mine complain about how he didn't PR in his spring half marathon after experiencing epic time drops between his first and second and second and third half marathons. I snapped back about my marathon times and how they're stuck at 3:28 and why am I not getting faster gahhhhh.


This morning I ran a 5 mile race down in Indy. I don't usually do the 5 mile distance (just on Thanksgiving Day back home in Ohio), so it was a nice change of pace for a fun distance. Unfortunately, I felt like a big ol' bucket of yuck on my warmup and started getting upset. 

PERSPECTIVE: I am currently training for my second marathon in three months. My legs will not always feel like glitter and unicorn farts. 

I was also stressing about feeling really chubby this week, to the point where I was selecting race apparel on Friday night based on what made me look/feel skinny.

PERSPECTIVE: I am not an overweight individual. My chubby feeling is the result of stress eating, lack of sleep, and poor food choices.

It's hard to keep things in perspective sometimes, isn't it? As runners, we love to feel fast and willowy all the time. Unfortunately, we're mortal human beings without unlimited funds and/or Alberto Salazar to keep us in line. This means that sometimes our legs will feel junky and our midsections will feel chubby.

So what do we do?

Keep it all in perspective.

I went back to my trusty running training log to see how my 5 mile race times have progressed since the fall of 2007. Six and a half minutes over six and a half years. I finished as the second female (which I started beating myself up about: first was only 20 seconds ahead of you! You gave up during the middle miles! You -- wait, you're training for another marathon. That shut me up pretty quickly. That, and awesome post-race cookies...) and top 10 overall. Not a shabby performance, but one that, if not kept in perspective, could be viewed as disappointing. 

Don't let one bad race ruin your running parade. Keep your head up, re-read a log of your favorite running moments, and keep your running shoes firmly on level ground. Running is full of ups and downs; enjoy the ride.

Because Rome wasn't built in a day.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The 2014 Boston Marathon

Yes, yes. That's right, Gentle Reader. I am finally recapping my Boston Marathon experience, a bit tardily. I'm gonna warn you, though, this is a bit of a novel. Grab a cuppa and settle in, it's Boston recap time!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Stuff I'm Liking - May Edition

So no, this isn't THE Boston Marathon recap post (I'm working on it!), but it's still full of good/fun stuff :)

Being mostly in-between TA positions right now means that I am picking up lots of extra hours at Fleet Feet in order to pay for things like rent and cat food. Unfortunately, this means that I'm spending lots of extra hours around cool running gear that I really shouldn't even consider buying. Couple this with an epic case of post-race blues, and I'm in trouble. So without further ado, I present....

Cool Stuff I Wish I Had Right Now

NB 890v4 - Boston Edition: I ran my Boston in the normal version of these shoes and absolutely loved them. So of course I want the Boston version. (Un)Fortunately, it looks like they're sold out of my size (8). Go figure :(

ROLL Recovery: This training block has taught me that getting older sucks big time. The first three body parts this website mentions are the quads, hamstrings, and IT band. I'm sold...except it's the same price as those shoes I want. Decisions, decisions...

Erica Sara Designs: 'Feminine jewelry for fierce women' sounds pretty cool. They have these super cute 'run' rings and 26.2 necklaces. I am a pretty, sparkly runner and I need some bling for my body to match my sparkle skirt, natch.

Saucony tanks: I can't decide which pattern I like more, the Daybreak or Velo print. I realized (this weekend as I was post-finals cleaning/purging/organizing) that I actually don't have nearly as many tank tops as I thought I did. Since this summer is supposed to be a scorcher (and since I've been doing my daily pushups), I think I need to up my supply.

New Balance tank: The Momentum Racerback print is super cute. Can I please just live in running clothes? I'd be up for a radioactive spider bite if it meant that all of a sudden I was an Olympic-caliber athlete and someone would be paying me to run and look sporty all the time.

Ridiculous print Nike shorts:, of course I need them! Do I seriously need an actual reason to want to wrap my tushie in bright orange zigzag print spandex? No? Exactly. Didn't think so. Besides, looking this crazy during a race will either make people think I'm a total speedster badass, or a sorority girl who doesn't take this seriously. My lack of iPod and prominent watch tan line (omg, it's there already how did that happen??!?) will probably put me in Camp A instead of Camp B. Sweet.

Speedy Freezes: Ok, maybe not now, but definitely last night. All I could think about for the last 2 miles of a buggy, humid run was how delicious a Speedy Freeze would taste/feel. Not that weird brown dude on the right, though (Coke slushies make me sick), but definitely Blue or Red or Mountain Dew. 

Stupid disclaimer note so no one gets up in my biznass about this: No one sponsors me, no one paid me to write about their stuff. I just like pretty, pretty things and thought I'd share my current favorites with y'all!