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Race Recaps!

Hi trusty blogosphere. Sorry I've been so sporadic with the updating. This semester is kicking my buns fo' sho.

ANYHOO...I've done some racing recently to get ready for the 2014 Boston Marathon. First up?

2014 Sam Costa Half Marathon
The goal for this race was to (hopefully) break 1:30 in the half for the very first time. Nichole, Mr. Nichole, and BirdMan all traveled down from MN for a fun weekend getaway in Indiana, just for this race! (No pressure, right guys?!) While I didn't have the race that I wanted (1:30:57), I did snag 1.) a new half PR, 2.) second place in my age group, 3.) a 5th place female finish, and 4.) a nifty Top-50 finisher medal! What a haul :)

I was very thankful to have Mr. Nichole and BirdMan to pace me. The course gets twisty-turny in the second half as it winds through residential neighborhoods. My stomach was giving up on me over the last mile and my brain wasn't nearly as focused as it should have been over that last 5K, but my pace crew w…

One more time

Today, my paper chain countdown to Boston told me that it's been worth it and I couldn't agree more. Training for the 2014 Boston Marathon has basically been therapy for me over the past three months. I've had runs where I wanted to sit down and cry in the middle of the road. I've had runs where simply getting out the door was a struggle.

But lately, I've had runs where I felt like I was flying, like I was invincible, like I could run into the sunrise and nothing could stop me.

This morning's workout wasn't quite that wonderful (Nichole will probably say that I rocked it and I'll agree in the end, but right now my right hamstring hurts and I felt like I was riding the struggle bus for a few miles), but as I was finishing up, I felt STRONG. It feels so good to get that last 20 mile run/giant workout out of the way.

When I cross the finish line in a little over two weeks, I'm sure I'll be bawling. Blood? Check. Sweat? You betcha. Tears? Too many.