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So a few months ago, I applied for a spot on the 2014 Saucony Hurricanes team. I got an email yesterday notifying me that I hadn't been selected from the 300+ applications, but was wished the best in my future athletic endeavors, and that I continued to "Find Your (My) Strong" and inspire others within in the sport.

Nichole ended up calling yesterday afternoon (guess I haven't sent any training emails lately...whoops!) to get an update on my Hurricane application among other things. I was trying to be optimistic about it; after all, I applied to the team just for kicks and giggles (so if it worked out, AWESOME, and if not, well, it was a stretch), but Nichole immediately went in to 'what can we fix/change/do?!' mode.

And that's when I realized: I have an AMAZING coach.
Some people need a coach that constantly lights a fire under their butt to get them going all the time. Other people prefer a cheerleader. I need someone who believes in me more than I believe in me, and who will constantly remind me that no, you don't suck (because I'm a female, and apparently this is the decidedly-feminine 'skill' at which I've chosen to excel).

With my supreme lack of motivation rearing its ugly head time and time again this winter, she's had to don her cheerleader suit and light a fire with a flame thrower. It's all worked out though, and now that the end of winter is in sight, my competitive side is really itching to throw down a couple of good races :)

Besides, if you have a herd of cows, a famous dog, some bad-ass skiiers, and Lauren Fleshman as your homeboy, how can you not be motivated?!? (That's right, I'm member #238 of the official Lauren Fleshman fan club. Her stuff came in the mail when I had bottomed out on the motivation well, so, yeah, she's part of my posse, if only in spirit.)

 Life always needs more cowbell!


  1. HA! Did I really go into "what can we fix/change/do?!" mode? Gosh, I should really record myself (sensor myself?) Perhaps just a natural reaction on my part :).

    I'm hoping that I said something on the lines of, "well, this IS a bummer, I know you didn't say you were counting on it, but KNEW you wanted it... perhaps there are other partnerships we could explore?" :) Think I TRIED to, but you know... :)

    You know that I'll always pull out my bag of tricks for you! Just don't ask me to dress up in anything fancier than a cow suit, sweat pants, or running clothes :). Although, if that would do it...

    A herd of cows, a famous dog (Wow, she does not deserve to be famous... she is CRAZY), and some really bad-ass skiers... yep, that sums us up pretty well. Can't claim to be as hard-core/ripped as Lauren, though :)


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