Don't call it a comeback...

Yesterday, I ran in my first indoor track meet in about a year. The University of Indianapolis has a really cool indoor track - it's inside a giant pressurized balloon thing!

So I was signed up to run the 3K which isn't really my thing because it's less than a 5K, so that means FAST. Not mile fast (so no pukey feeling, and only a mild burning sensation in my arms by the end), but faster than, oh, a marathon or something.

Nichole had me enter at 11:40, almost 8 seconds faster than my (senior year of) college (and lifetime) PR. So a really old (5 years!) PR. And I'm training for a marathon! To say I was a little nervous would be an understatement.

I was so totally wrong! Luckily they split the 3K into two heats and I was in the slower heat. This was great because I had a pack of 9 other ladies to run with (and we were packed up through the first 2 or 3 laps). I had people to pass and girls to work off of and a fantastic friend (thanks D!) who sat through too many hours of track meet just to yell splits at me and give me a big (sweaty) hug at the end when I finished.

Running 44/45/46 second laps felt...comfortable? Not like, oh, this is a picnic, but more like, DAMN STRAIGHT I'm going to run these splits for 2 miles and not want to die. The last couple of laps, I started getting a little lightheaded and wasn't feeling so in-control and cruise-control-y anymore, but I didn't fall off pace and had such a strong finish. D said I looked really good the entire time, which I will interpret as 'you didn't make an ugly face' and/or 'your form didn't look like a dying beached fish'. Win!

Overall, a fantastic race capped with a really good 18 mile (SLOOOOOW) (ok, not really, like 8:20-8:40 pace) run today in warm(ish) weather. 

I am ready to go kick some booootay in two weeks at my 5K. I am ready to tackle hills and RUN BOSTON.
I. Love. Running.

My cheering/celebration crew up north! These guys are the BEST!


  1. YEAH!!! SO proud of you!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Great Job! That has to be a good confidence boost in the final run up to Boston. Even if the two are dramatically different races it gives a good indication of where your fitness is. Best of luck, come back and visit Minnesota again sometime when it's not so cold (Grandma's marathon?)


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