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2014 Holiday

Merry Christmas from Sharona, Garfield, and Manwich!
We hope your holiday season is filled with family, friends, food, and cats in Santa hats!

Culinary adventure time!

One of the fun things about Purdue is the chance to experience fun things about different cultures thanks to my International friends. While saris are pretty and learning how to say 'hello' in six different languages is fun, I really enjoy the food.

The Canadian had been talking up poutine for a bit. Apparently, this combination of thick fries, brown gravy, and cheese curds is supposed to be Canada's gift to the world's taste buds? All the pictures I saw online didn't make it look awesome, but hey, I'm up for an adventure.

So Tuesday night, I cashed in my bowling bet victory and Mr. Canadian made poutine. Fries were from scratch (only one minor grease fire), gravy was from an envelope, and the cheese curds were (accidentally) garlic-flavored. [Minor aside re: cheese curds - what are they, exactly? The package had an explanation on it, which I didn't read, but it makes me a little nervous when food has to explain what it is...]

Aside from being hella salty, …

Confession time

I'm sure this will end up being a regular blog feature (once I get back to a regular blogging schedule...) because, honestly, everyone can admit to stuff like this. I'm not talking about Deep Dark Secrets but those little things that you sit there and wonder, "Huh, does this make me a terrible person/awful engineer/hypocritical feminist/slacker/etc?".

Glamour has a fun little section in their magazines each month called "Hey, It's OK..." that I really like. It's just fun stuff that probably more of us stress out about than you'd realize. Only once have I seen something that I actually do listed under the "It's NOT OK..." and I got all bummed till I realized I was reading a magazine from 2013 (I'm moving, ok, and purging in the process) and pfft on you, Glamour, I'm still ok with it.

So, anyhoo, here we go!

I can't stand crop tops. Especially in December. YOUR POOR STOMACH. It is neither warm enough nor sunny enough to sh…

Final fall race recap

There's a distinct lack of pictures with this post since neither of my fall half marathons were particularly photogenic.

The 2014 Columbus Half Marathon (now a race of Many Names) changed their course a little this year due to a different start/finish line setup. I really loved the old course and the separate start and finish lines, but it was a pretty big headache for the race organizers, so they changed things up a little. However, they ended up with some pretty gnarly gear check problems, a spectator-deficient start and finish area, and a medal snafu. This, combined with a not-ideal race for me, made for a little bit of a bummer of a weekend.

Sometimes you step up to the starting line of a race and just feel that today is your day. You feel invincible, unstoppable, absolutely fantastic. I didn't feel like that before Columbus, unfortunately, but was able to run a 1:31:11, good for my second fastest half marathon. I was feeling pretty good through mile 9 before things fell a…


Oh man, you guys. 2015 is going to be the BIGGEST PILE O' CRAZY I've experienced yet!

Previously, in Sharona's life...

- This summer/fall, I forsook marathon training in the name of being a Ms. SpeedyPants. This goal was met with mixed results. My goal half marathons, Columbus and Indy Monumental, didn't go how I wanted and now I have a *very* cranky hip, but, you know...adversity builds strength and all that jazz.

- Mannie was dressed up as a pumpkin. I am still alive. Sammy was dressed up as a pumpkin. The Canadian is still alive and receiving dead mice from Miss Sammy. Life goes on.
- December 2 was scheduled for D-Day! Unfortunately, I was a little too ambitious with my plans for this semester, and now my Due Date has been moved to mid-late February. I cannot tell you how less stressed I am about *everything* in life right now. I'm still going to walk for commencement in December since my friends are graduating, but I won't actually be Dr. SmartyPants until…

Sometimes my cat wears stuff

But he always hates me when he does. Womp womp.

Stuff I'm Loving

Yay! Time for me to window shop, and then share all my fun findings with you guys :)

Stuff I'm Loving, October Edition

Picky Bars!
They're a bit pricey, but mmmm, so good! I've tried the Smooth Caffeinator, Need for Seed, and Cookie Doughpness. The cookie one has been my favorite so far. SC was good, even if the coffee was a little overwhelming at first. Not a huge fan of NfS, but it was still tasty enough. I feel better about grabbing one of these guys with my protein shake for a post-workout breakfast or an energy boosting snack to get me through a long afternoon than I do about Clif Bars.

Saucony Bullet Capris
Dawn has these at the store right now and they're taunting me. I really like running in capris; my quads and hammies stay warm and toasty, but my calves can catch the breeze. I feel like they're a very fall thing to wear, and they're nice for winter races too where you want to be warm, but not *too* warm.

Saucony Swift LS
Another in-store item :) It has th…

More race updates - final stretch!

School has been so busy recently! TA hours, lab struggles (then miraculous solutions), training program duties, attempting to piece together a social life...I am so thankful that my friends understand all of this and tolerate me :)
Two races since the last time we talked, gentle readers:
Delphi Diamond Dash (Delphi, IN; September 13) This was a cute little 5K just up the road in Delphi. It wasn't big and I had no idea where the course went, but it was fun! I forgot to start my watch, but I was averaging 6:25 pace for 2.31 I'm gonna say that I ran a 19:50-19:55. Whatever my time was, it was good for 1st place female and a top 5 overall finish! This was one of the first cool mornings that we had and it was GLORIOUS!
Choholic Frolic 10K (Indianapolis, IN; September 28)Results! This was the first time this event was in Indy, so of course there were a few hiccups. I don't think anyone was expecting late September to be as warm as it was, so a 10am start time for the…

Race updates!

Since my last post, I've been a bit busy with the start of my last school year (specifically, TA many. hours.) and racing! Training has had its ups and down, mainly due to the sudden appearance of SUMMER, but I'm (still) not hating speedwork as much as I feared I would, and people are noticing my impressive muscles from Nichole's lifting plans :) So what have I been up to on the racing front?

Katie's Run for Autism (Noblesville, IN; August 17) - Results! So this was a first-year race in Noblesville which didn't really bother me since they had held this event in Bloomington for a few years...but I should have been wary of a first-year race. It was pretty low-key, which was nice for my first race back, but the weather was a big pile of suck as it was warm and HUMID. I was in first for miles 1 and 2, then my legs pooped out and I got passed by a girl and her training partner dude. Needless to say, I wasn't super stoked about ended up second, but then the…

Reality vs Cookbook

So back in June, Erin bought me a copy of The Runner's World Cookbook. She had made a couple of recipes that were pretty good, one of them being some type of cake...featuring black beans. What. But seriously, it was pretty tasty! Barely beany at all.
Fast forward to this past weekend when I decided to try my hand at the same recipe. I should have know that I was sailing in dangerous waters when I was looking up substitutes for agave syrup and oat bran flour.

The initial steps were promising:

but unfortunately, things weren't quite as tasty as they seemed...
 Needless to say, I need to compare notes with Erin because this recipe was a complete and total FLOP for me. So now I'm stuck with a 9"x13" pan of beany brownie things in my fridge. (At least the frosting is decent...) Any takers? :)

Taco Tuesday!

Ok, not really...sorry :)

My last post wasn't a post as much as me inventing a reason to use a Kelly Clarkson song, so I actually apologize for that. I'm sure that you've all been gnawing away at your fingernails to see what I'm up to!

Fear not, gentle reader, the wait is over!

I've been in a weird funk recently and I'm not totally sure what's behind it. Maybe it's the fact that from 9am to noon every single weekday, I sit in an overchilled, windowless tutoring room and answer questions/hold hands/put out fires for my Thermo Babies. (At this point, my future possible careers as professor and/or mother are questionable.) Maybe it's the fact that it's currently only 72 degrees...and it's JULY 29. WHAT.

Or maybe, just maybe, it's because Nichole is trying to turn me into a speed demon with track workouts, therefore making my running recaps all ~*suPeR speCIaL*~ "Hey guys! Today I ran really fast around in a circle. Then I stopped and …

Dear Running

'Cause we belong together now, yeah Forever united here somehow, yeah You got a piece of me And honestly My life (my life) would suck (would suck) without you

Vote For Me!

I've submitted an entry to the December 2014 Runner's World cover contest!

Much like my Saucony Hurricane application, it was done as a 'hey that sounds fun' turned into 'hey I'll actually do this' idea. Unlike my Hurricane application, I'm hoping this one will be successful!


Stuff I'm Loving - July Edition

Today marks the first day of my new training cycle! Nichole is having me focus more on speed for the next month-month and a half. I'm equally nervous and excited. I never though I'd break 20:00 for a 5K and now my PR is a 19:43, so I have a faster-than-marathon-pace gear in there somewhere!

I took two weeks almost completely off of running after Grandma's. I was sick for the second week of that (boo!), so it was a much-needed break. No cross training, even! To say that I was lazy would not be untrue :)

So what's on my radar of Cool Stuff We Should All Have for July? Here we go!

Meijer Dark Chocolate Cocoa Dusted Almonds
Someone (I think it was Jenn) gave me a bag of these in my box o' awesome. They. Are. Delish. Almonds are pretty good for you until you cover them in chocolate x 2. They're also a super tasty car snack, so +1 for summer roadtrips! (Just don't leave them in there, lest they melt and make you sad...)

Lindt Chocolate Minis
Also in the box o' …

The Angry Carb Monster

I like this whole 'regular update' thing; it's kinda nice :)

One really big change to my taper before Grandma's Marathon was to try Nichole's carb depletion/load cycle diet...thing. I was a little nervous before starting it since her blog posts on the subject weren't especially encouraging. Lack of carbs + first week of summer TA hours = potential for a meltdown

Honestly, it wasn't quite as terrible as I was expecting. I really missed my carbs, yes, and it was incredibly annoying to learn that just about everything has too many carbs in it for my pseudo-Atkins diet. It was hard for me to get enough calories in...there's only so much chicken and tuna I could stomach.

Thanks to my handy-dandy calorie tracker website, I could keep track of carbs and calories. I also downloaded a few Atkins diet menu plans to give me some ideas (totally recommend doing this!). So what did I end up eating?

Eggs. Lots of eggs.Sausage links!Almond milk (not terrible...get origi…

2014 Grandma's Marathon

Hey howdy ho, neighborinos! I ran another marathon this past weekend up in Duluth, MN (home of Kara Goucher!). Since I have been lax about blogging lately, I figured I should get this post up so you don't think I've fallen off the face of the Earth or anything...
On Thursday, I flew into MSP where Nichole and company were planning on picking me up. My flight was delayed coming out of Indy (THANKS DELTA), so it was late when I got into the Twin Cities. Luckily, the Porath Prius was fully loaded with Rice Krispie treats, so Nate was happy. Wearing my bright orange Boston jacket was a smart move because the airport was pretty busy. Craig definitely had no problem spotting me as I stood in the middle of everyone, looking like a lost puppy.

Friday was chilly, foggy, and full of surprises! We stayed in a house that is rented out to four guys attending the UMN-Duluth. It reminded me so much of Thee Taj from my ONU days, hence the reason for wearing socks (at least) at all times...


How to...make a dress in less than 24 hours

I'm currently holding my first session of TA hours for the newly-started summer semester. I have one student. Yay!

I'm also currently trying to not think about foods with carbs in them (which, btw, is practically EVERYTHING). I would just about kill someone for a bread crust right now. Ugh.

Anyhoo, I went back to fair Ohio last week for a few days. Not as scenic as Wisconsin, but I got to see mum and dad for a few days and meet the new kitties. I didn't plan on doing anything terribly productive, but then mum asked if I wanted to swing by JoAnn's and I had to say YES of course, and then I remembered this super cute dress that Kristel made and YES, I would like to make that. In less than 24 hours.

So how do you do this? Lucky you, I have this super helpful step-by-step (mostly) tutorial! Here we go!

STEP 1: Pick a pattern that says EASY on the package. It will be a big, fat liar, but won't hurt your chances of success. (Pro tip: pleats are not easy.)

STEP 2: Cut out…

Putting it all in perspective

Perspective is one of those sneaky things that seems to work out better for everyone else.
Like, you are complaining to your significant other that you feel so fat and lazy. If they're not a terrible human being (or if you aren't legit fat and/or lazy), they'll probably respond with something along the lines of "Oh, that's not true. You're not on 'My 600 Pound Life' or sitting at home every day. I bet your sofa doesn't have a butt-shaped dent in it!" Well, ugh. I mean, technically, they're right BUT (and that 'but' negates everything before it!), you still feel fat and lazy.
I had a friend of mine complain about how he didn't PR in his spring half marathon after experiencing epic time drops between his first and second and second and third half marathons. I snapped back about my marathon times and how they're stuck at 3:28 and why am I not getting faster gahhhhh.
This morning I ran a 5 mile race down in Indy. …

The 2014 Boston Marathon

Yes, yes. That's right, Gentle Reader. I am finally recapping my Boston Marathon experience, a bit tardily. I'm gonna warn you, though, this is a bit of a novel. Grab a cuppa and settle in, it's Boston recap time!

Stuff I'm Liking - May Edition

So no, this isn't THE Boston Marathon recap post (I'm working on it!), but it's still full of good/fun stuff :)

Being mostly in-between TA positions right now means that I am picking up lots of extra hours at Fleet Feet in order to pay for things like rent and cat food. Unfortunately, this means that I'm spending lots of extra hours around cool running gear that I really shouldn't even consider buying. Couple this with an epic case of post-race blues, and I'm in trouble. So without further ado, I present....

Cool Stuff I Wish I Had Right Now NB 890v4 - Boston Edition: I ran my Boston in the normal version of these shoes and absolutely loved them. So of course I want the Boston version. (Un)Fortunately, it looks like they're sold out of my size (8). Go figure :(
ROLL Recovery: This training block has taught me that getting older sucks big time. The first three body parts this website mentions are the quads, hamstrings, and IT band. I'm sold...except it'…