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Temptation comes wrapped in cellophane

Pretty much everything in my life has been on an up and down rollercoaster over the past few weeks, hence the abysmal updating schedule (aka, there has been no updating, especially not on a schedule).
Nichole warned me of an impending 'leg crash' (ie, I wasn't going to feel great forever - get ready for it! But it's not you, so don't worry!) coming up in the next few weeks of training, but I was feeling pretty gosh darn good when that particular email floated my way. After all, I had an awesome workout last Sunday...and then a really crappy one yesterday. But that's ok. I think I'm getting better at just letting poor workouts roll off my back and looking forward to the next one as a chance for redemption (especially when that 'poor workout' was a shock-to-my-system mile repeat @ 5K pace workout!).
So after a great run with the Purdue Run Club (shoutout to Evan, Billy, and Chandler!), I decided I was going to go grocery shopping. --------------------…