Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Temptation comes wrapped in cellophane

Pretty much everything in my life has been on an up and down rollercoaster over the past few weeks, hence the abysmal updating schedule (aka, there has been no updating, especially not on a schedule).

Nichole warned me of an impending 'leg crash' (ie, I wasn't going to feel great forever - get ready for it! But it's not you, so don't worry!) coming up in the next few weeks of training, but I was feeling pretty gosh darn good when that particular email floated my way. After all, I had an awesome workout last Sunday...and then a really crappy one yesterday. But that's ok. I think I'm getting better at just letting poor workouts roll off my back and looking forward to the next one as a chance for redemption (especially when that 'poor workout' was a shock-to-my-system mile repeat @ 5K pace workout!).

So after a great run with the Purdue Run Club (shoutout to Evan, Billy, and Chandler!), I decided I was going to go grocery shopping.
Totally unrelated sidebar: As I was changing for my run, I noticed that I hadn't shaved in a bit. Usually this is not a problem in November because I'm wearing tights, but today was warm enough for half tights/capris...and Sasquatch legs. Awesome! Nothing screams 'I'm too busy for basic grooming!' like epic-ly hairy legs.
Anyhoo, so I'm carting through Aldi, stocking up on their cheapy stuff (things in cans, milk, eggs) and generally doing a good job of avoiding snacky stuff (oh potato chips, love you bunches, dude). At Payless (aka 'Fake Kroger'), I felt like a vegan hippie person - fresh veggies, hummus, baked snack crackers to go with said hummus, etc. 

All that fell apart when I got to WalMart. I just needed pita bread (which I never did manage to find; thin sliced bagels are a poor substitute), face wash, and new makeup. But lo and behold, what did they have on prominent display by the front door?

Little Debbie Christmas Trees

Lemme 'splain something: I think I ate a LD oatmeal creme pie with my lunch every single day my senior year of high school. My mom never bought that kind of stuff, so I don't know where my Little Debbie obsession comes from. As much as I love OCPs, the Christmas Tree snack cakes are pretty much my life partner of snack foods.

I actually stopped in the middle of the aisle and stared at them. I thought about picking up a box, just in case, maybe I wouldn't really want them by the time I was done hunting for pita bread. I didn't, though, and despite stopping and staring two more times before I left the store, I was Little Debbie-less upon checkout.

Then when I got home, I saw this article floating around Facebook and decided that I like visible abs (which I do not have, btw) more than sugary, sprinkled, decorated, light-as-air Christmas tree snack cakes.

At least for now...