Sunday, August 25, 2013

The last first day of school

This was a decent week, despite being the first week of class at Purdue. It's always so weird for the first week or so to see a formerly vacant campus explode with people. This also means that WalMart is packed, you are always running in to clueless people who decide that the middle of the sidewalk is a good place to STOP and figure out where they are, and that I'm walking at least 10 minutes from my parking spot to campus.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Another weekly update

Oy, I am so boring with these post titles, sorry guys :(

This week, however, was anything but boring - stuff literally every single day for OMEGA. I think that my life is incapable of just having a normal pace: it's either moving at warp speed, or I feel like I'm riding a turtle.

80 miles (but with 92 in a 7 day period!), 1 workout, 1 fantastic long run

High points: Tuesday's workout was ok, and I eventually started feeling better as the week went on. The best run of the whole entire week, though, was Saturday's 22 miler. I woke up at 3:30am, met Stacy at the store at 4am for 2 miles, then picked up 3 more people for our first 10 (including a cookie stop at Cory's house!), then a few more at 5:50am for the last 10 (with a stop at Armstrong Hall for our traditional long run group photo). My right knee was really bothering me during the last 5 miles or so, but other than that, a great run at a decent pace and with my favorite group of crazy runner folk - I've missed them terribly :)

Low points: Monday's run was terrible. I didn't really eat dinner the night before, and I only had a glass of juice before heading out the door. Needless to say, I was playing mind tricks with myself to keep me moving forward and not trying to hitchhike my way home, or jump on the bike rack on the next CityBus that drove past. Tuesday's secondary run wasn't bad, but by that point I was completely drained. I remember wanting to just break down in tears and eat an entire pizza, but I had time for neither activity.

Classes start back up this week and I'm heading to Fort Wayne on Friday for a wedding. I also need to balance 75+ miles and 3 workouts (18 mile long run/workout) along with training group/Fleet Feet stuff and getting myself back into a schedule. AND I need to call Comcast and get them to send me a new cable box so I can watch Grey's Anatomy again and all things Food Network.

Mannie is currently curled upside down on the sofa napping. I think that sounds like a fantastic idea and will probably join him before the afternoon is up. Tomorrow is my 22nd (but hopefully the very last) first day of school. Last year I celebrated my 21st first day with a drink; tomorrow I'll probably just stop by DQ for a s'mores Blizzard on my way home from the lab, possibly before a core class at the CoRec.

Giddyup turtle, I've got 15 weeks until Christmas break! (And only 8 more until Chicago!!!!!!)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Vacation time, la versión editada

This past week was pretty good: I got to spend some time in Ohio, and it was a down week for running! That meant that I was lazy and ate lots of whatever and got tons of sleep.

58 miles, one less-than-stellar workout, one big workout/race, and one day off!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Eh, stuff happened this week

Well, I guess I should get the big news out of the way first: I passed my prelim!

For those of you who are (un)lucky enough to not know what I'm talking about, this basically means that I'm an official PhD candidate now. Your prelim defense (at least in the PhD program in Mechanical Engineering at Purdue) is like a hybrid research proposal and MS thesis defense. A lot of it depends on your advisor or if you've already done a Master's program. In my case, it took me two years to get to this point. I tripped right out of the gate (called one of my committee members the wrong name) and was sweating through my cardigan by the end (there's a reason I wore black), but it's ALL DONE NOW and I passed :)

So. There's that.

Running update! 76 miles this week, two ok-ish workouts, one big scare where I thought I lost my GPS watch, and more good weather. I will update this with my highs and lows when I'm not so exhausted...

I'm back home in OH (IO!) this week to recuperate after the prelim and enjoy some down time before classes start back up on August 19. This summer just FLEW by and I can't believe it's already August! Down week for running...might I actually sleep in?!?! If Mannie has any say in it, probably not. I might give him my room, the lucky beast, and crash in the seester's room instead. My stupid cat is NOT going to disturb my beauty sleep :)