Monday, July 29, 2013

12 weeks to go!

This title almost sounds like a pregnancy countdown, doesn't it? Too bad the only belly pictures this blog features are those of Manwich...

This week: 84 miles, 21M long run, 2 workouts - highest mileage week ever! And my legs are still attached and functional, but I did pick up a few new blisters...womp womp :(

Low points: Sunday night/Monday morning, when I pulled my very first all-nighter finishing up my prelim document. This threw off my sleep schedule for a few days. Blargh. By Friday, I just wanted to lay in bed and never get up, so I stayed there for a while (like, at least an hour post-alarm). Then once I got up, I didn't want to do anything, so I just laid on the living room rug for a bit and cuddled with Mannie. Eventually I got out the door for a run I really didn't want to do that seemed like it lasted forever and a day in weather that was a little warmer than what I was used to. Whatevs. I survived.

High points: Wednesday morning's tempo run! Solo effort, but the weather was awesome. I was pretty close to being exactly on 7:00 pace for all the tempo segments, so I felt super good about that. Saturday morning's long run (ran from Decatur to Berne, 6 x 30 second pickups during the last 2-3 miles) also felt pretty good. My hips were very sore afterwards, but it was a pleasant early morning run.

11 weeks until Chicago! August is another big month, both for mileage and workouts. I've got a couple of races coming up, a wedding (again, not mine!), the start of another Fleet Feet training program, and the start of classes. This will be my very last fall semester at Purdue. FINALLY :) Prelim defense is at 1pm on Friday - wish me luck! Ph(almost)Done!

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Please PLEASE, just make it stop.

Oh good lawd. This week has been crazy. Thankfully it was a down week for running (50 miles what?!), otherwise I don't know if I would have made it.

Running recap!

Low point(s): I was very liberal with my interpretation of training 'plan' this week, as I moved my day off (due to travel), scrapped a secondary run (too hot, too late, I can make up lots of stuff), and I only got one lift in. The weather sucked, PS.

High point(s): I guess Saturday's race? I really wanted to break 20:00. Like, really really. And I almost did, running a 20:02. It was a little easier to take when I finished and my watch said 20:07. I can handle being that far away, but 3 seconds? Then the 'what ifs' start to creep in and I get bummed out and feel fat and slow and blahhhhh. Tuesday's track workout went well, so there's that too.


My prelim defense is scheduled for Friday, August 2. I spent 7 hours (!) at the lab today, trying to work out the last few bugs in my model. I hate modeling. It's now almost 11pm and I just need (ha!) to type everything up. I want to sleep. I want to cry. This has been a rough week and I keep telling myself that it's almost all over, but I know that once I get my prelim typed up and emailed to my advisor, then I'll need to make corrections and start on my presentation. Then I can head home but I still need to get ready for class and oh yeah, the OMEGA budget is due and I still have to RUN FOR ME and do training program stuff and work at the store (but don't forget about research!) and my fridge won't fill itself, nor do I own self-washing dishes.

Hence my plea for life to just CHILL OUT for, like, 2 minutes. I was really looking forward to vegging on the beach for two days and recharging the batteries, but instead I was experiencing the joys of public transit and everything was being planned as it happened, basically, which stresses me out to no end. study break (aka dinner) is just about over. I need to take out my contacts and get ready for an all-nighter. Nothing to prep you for an 80 mile week like no sleep, right? Le sigh...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Week 6

Hey guys!

This summer has really started to suck for running - no matter how early I get up to run, it's still miserable. I can either pick 6:30am with mid-70's temps and almost 100% humidity, 8am with mid-70's temps and 90% humidity, or 8pm with mid-80's temps and 80% humidity. Blech.

Last week: 74.3 miles, 2 workouts, 20 mile long run!

Low point: Wednesday's 1200/200 workout. I just could not hit paces for those 1200's to save my butt. I was really worried and frustrated, so when I emailed Nichole for my weekly workout update email, I told her all of that. Her advice?  Be patient, little grasshopper! Sunday's run was supposed to be 6 miles, but I called it at 4.5. Saturday's long run really took it out of me and my legs just felt terrible. And it was hot and humid, Virginia style. Yuck-o!

High points: Monday's tempo run! Goal was to run 2 10:00 sections averaging 7:00/mile pace. I totally nailed it, averaging 7:01 and 6:58 pace. My friend S helped to pace me on the bike and I think I need to bribe him into helping me out again. Saturday's 20 mile run was also a good experience. K and I ran around Norfolk, VA (I really need to post the route was crazy!). We started too late, got kinda lost, ran out of water a few times, and got poured on, but it was fun. I felt super awesome all the way to 18.6 miles when K ran out of steam and we had to stop and walk for a bit. Maybe I felt really good because we were stopping to cross roads and re-check the map and double back after getting turned around, but I was still on my feet for over 3 hours and running for almost all of that. It made for a very long Saturday, but getting my first 20 miler out of the way feels awesome :)

Week 7 features a day off (supposed to be Wednesday, but it ended up being Monday since travelling home totally wiped me out), a track workout (1K/200s again), and the Zoo Run Run on Saturday. Creeping up on halfway to Chicago!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week the fifth!

Woo, another week done!

High points: Monday's telephone fartlek was decent, Saturday's long run was super humid but the Fleet Feet crew made it through the entire thing, and on Thursday, I won the Fowler Firecracker Frenzy 5K and felt really awesome, especially with the power of the Sparkle Skirt :) (The race shirt features GLOW IN THE DARK fireworks!)

Low point: Wednesday's 1K/200 workout. I ran this faster and felt so so so much better the last time, so it was frustrating to have a workout that I know is completely doable for me go so poorly. I talked to Nichole a little about the nutrition side of running, so hopefully a few little changes will help me out in big ways. I also ran out of time in the evenings this week and didn't get in my second PM run, but it's ok because my legs were feeling so junky after Wednesday - extra miles just for the sake of mileage weren't going to do them any good.

70.5 miles this week, even more this week, plus a Virginia vacation and my first 20 miler of the summer. My next big decision is trying to pick a half marathon in September. At the top of the list currently are the Quad Cities, Detroit Women's and Heritage Haul half marathons. Quad Cities sounds like fun because I'm so close to qualifying for 'elite athlete' status! Detroit is a little scary/sketchy to me, and the Heritage Haul is a really small race that I could probably win the women's race and finish top 10? overall.

Hope everyone had a good Fourth of July. I played some mini golf, saw Monsters University, and spent a lot of quality time with my bassoon and K. Can't believe the summer is halfway over!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Cuatro semanas de correr

It's scary to think that 59 miles is a down week for me now. Yeesh.

High point(s): Tuesday's 10 x 400m workout - I was able to hit my paces for every single repeat AND I didn't feel like I was dying/wildly flailing about/redlining it the entire time. It was surprisingly comfortable (not necessarily pleasant, mind you) and under control. Go team! Sunday's long run (17M) was also pretty nice. It rained almost the entire time, but I had the chance to run with a new group of folks and it was nice and cool.

Low point: Thursday's 800's/400's workout. Hot, humid, bad. Womp womp :(

This week is UP in mileage, meaning I practically live in running clothes and I often eat second breakfast. K and I are probably heading to Fowler, IN on the 4th for a fun 5K (he'll race, I'll yog and enjoy my all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast after :D). The cool weather is supposed to stick around for a bit - I have no problems at all with that! Also: it's already July!??! Yikes! Slow down summer!