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Recap, week the third

Derp derp derp, I'm a day late.

69 miles in 7 days with two workouts and a 17 mile long run/half marathon race!

High point: Hrm, I guess Wednesday's workout (1K repeats with 200s at the end) was pretty good. Although I wasn't able to recruit a friend to run with/pace me, I still hit my goal times and felt awesome on the 200s. ALSO, I finished 39th at Sunday's race! That's definitely the closest to the front I've ever been at a big race! The sparkle skirt received lots of compliments, and I think I was the fastest bedazzled runner :)

Low point: The aftermath of Sunday's race. It was hot and humid and even though my time was stinky slow, I figured it would suffer because of the weather. HOWEVER my legs feel abnormally garbagey today, so I think it's time to retire my beloved Saucony Tangents. They've been my half marathon buddies for quite a few races :( Also: I pooped out hardcore Sunday afternoon because of the heat. I just could NOT cool down and e…

Week 2 running recap

Oy...what a week! 68 miles in 6 days with a glorious day off :)

Low point: Wednesday's tempo workout. It was very warm and humid when I headed out the door for my run, and I think I was just too ambitious for the weather conditions. I bonked out pretty bad and had to make a pitstop at the end of the tempo sessions before starting my cool down. I did have a friend bike with me though, and that helped.

Highlight: Saturday's long run (17M with the last 1.5M at marathon pace). I ran with a big group of people from the running store and had at least one person with me for the *entire* run!

My legs were feeling crappy Monday through Thursday, but Friday's day off made them feel sooooo goooood on Saturday! Sunday's easy run was a little rough to start, but I felt decent after about half a mile. All in all, a pretty good week. Looking forward to a workout on the track and a half marathon this week!

Clothes are overrated...

So this morning, I was feeling super-productive and decided to head over to Le Target to get some new pillows, maybe a new swimsuit (replace the one that's, uh, six? years old?), maybe some running tank tops.

After spending some time cuddling with plastic-wrapped pillows, that part of my task was done. On to clothes shopping!

Two of my favorite running tanks are from Target and their cheapie C9 collection. Plain, simple, fitted, nothing wild and crazy. Unfortunately wild and crazy seems to be the norm for running apparel this season, along with a looser style that had me pawing through the racks looking for XS.

Disappointed with my tank top shopping, I was relieved to find that Target's swim collection hadn't been picked over too badly. I ended up with a size M top and bottom.

On the way to the checkout, I saw the girls' workout apparel 'section' (all two or three racks of it). They had a cute tank top in XL. It looked big. It was big. It fit me. It was also $5…

Chicago Marathon, Training week 1 recap

55.5 miles later, Week 1 of Chicago training is done!

Two workouts this week, a fartlek and a tempo. While they were both difficult, I was reminded just how challenging tempo pace (7:00/mile) is for me. They were both fun workouts and I wasn't dead after them, so that's promising.

The highlight of my week was my 15 mile long run yesterday morning in Rochester, Indiana. They are at the northern end of a really nice bike trail that was built on an old railroad track, so it's super flat and really pretty. I ran with a flashlight for the first 45 minutes (I was out the door by 4:50am), but I enjoyed beautiful weather, a gorgeous sunrise, and a perfect long run. My stomach gave up on me over the last 1-2 miles, but my legs felt good and I didn't have any issues getting down my mid-run Gu.

This week, I want to make sure I keep up with my post-run abs and push-ups and STRETCH! I've been so bad about this, it's a hard habit to break. My first day off of running (comple…

Are you there, God? It's me, uh, not-Margaret.

Oy vey. I have neglected you for so many weeks, poor blog. I am sorry. I need to update about the rest of my adventure to Colorado (approaching the 1 year anniversary...smells like the perfect time for a recap), my conference trip to Germany (sooooo much food), share the giant backlog of recipes I have, tell y'all about Mannie's latest adventures, and yak on about running.