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All The Things!

Without going in to details, I'll just say that my life had a bit of a shake up this past weekend. This has caused me to take a look at 2014 and really sit down and think about my goals and ambitions and plans for the year.

One thing I had considered, but have now definitely decided on, was to apply to the Saucony Hurricane team. The 2014 application was just recently posted and I downloaded it tonight/this morning (depending on your definition...). To be totally honest, I think I have absolutely no chance in being selected simply based on their 'guideline' times, and the fact that beyond the Boston Marathon and a spring 5K or two, I have no races set for next year.

I guess I have until January 31 to figure out my running goals for the next year and come up with a plan to convince Saucony that I'm worth it! I basically have no idea what I'm doing with my life beyond school, but I do know that I'm going to keep running until my legs fall off or someone yanks me …

Temptation comes wrapped in cellophane

Pretty much everything in my life has been on an up and down rollercoaster over the past few weeks, hence the abysmal updating schedule (aka, there has been no updating, especially not on a schedule).
Nichole warned me of an impending 'leg crash' (ie, I wasn't going to feel great forever - get ready for it! But it's not you, so don't worry!) coming up in the next few weeks of training, but I was feeling pretty gosh darn good when that particular email floated my way. After all, I had an awesome workout last Sunday...and then a really crappy one yesterday. But that's ok. I think I'm getting better at just letting poor workouts roll off my back and looking forward to the next one as a chance for redemption (especially when that 'poor workout' was a shock-to-my-system mile repeat @ 5K pace workout!).
So after a great run with the Purdue Run Club (shoutout to Evan, Billy, and Chandler!), I decided I was going to go grocery shopping. --------------------…

Chicago Recap: Part II

So I guess I did run a marathon last weekend that I promised to talk about...

Going in to Chicago, I was pretty excited. I wasn't as excited as before Columbus (my first marathon), but I was still looking forward to the experience and ready to bust out a huge PR.

First up: the expo!

So Karen and I got our packets, bought expensive Nike tops, and headed back to the hotel for a pasta buffet dinner and some good ol' college football. I wasn't really nervous when I went to bed, but when I woke up...

So my race didn't go the way I had envisioned it. I was excited to start, especially after Karen and I made it through security and the porta potty line (me) and gear check (Karen, with my bib, so she could check my stuff) and into our Corral B without any issues. I never did find the rest of my Fleet Feet crew before the race, but that was ok.

I tried to get up toward the 3:15 pace group with limited success. I was pretty close to 3:20, so I wasn't too worried. I was warne…

Chicago Recap: Part I

I went into the 2013 Chicago Marathon hoping to have an incredible race. I ended up with one, but not exactly what I was expecting.

So in light of that, I'm just recapping the non-running bits of my weekend. The other stuff will come later :)

I didn't get lost, I didn't get in an accident, I didn't get mugged in the Millennium Park garage. I found the hotel, I found Karen, I got all my stuff up to our room. The hotel was awesome, the expo was crazy, and I got lots of fun pictures :) Dinner was delicious, I learned about Karen's Jamba Juice addiction, and we watched a great game between Penn State and Michigan before going to bed early like old people.

Mid-50s and sunshine for the start, sparkle skirt bedazzling my corral pals, pirate flag tattoo on my left shoulder blade. Gu's tucked away for later miles, the porta potty had toilet paper in it, no tummy troubles and no 'I gotta pee NOW' moments when there's no time left.

Sunrise and the Chicago skyl…

Taper time!

Ack, I know, I know, another tardy update.

Running has been going well. I had a couple of very good tempo workouts between the last time we talked and now. I had a really good race/marathon pace workout at the Fort4Fitness half. It was also a test-run of my Chicago outfit (ugghhhh, I sound like such a girl):

Today was my last workout before Chicago! It went well (3 x 1200) and it was nice to get back on the track for a little bit. It was also nice to run into J on my run last night and talk to her for a bit. I've been alternating between being very excited and very nervous about this marathon. I'm trying my best to not let either emotion get totally out of control, but it's easier when I can talk to someone about it too :)

Anyhoo, today's the last day of Purdue's Fall Break (lots of sleep...YAY!). This time next week, I'll have marathon #3 done and can finally eat all the candy corn (chocolate/orange/white, please) I can stomach. (This is a dangerous thing abou…


The first time I typed the title, it ended up as "Bootober" which, while also seasonally appropriate, isn't quite what I intended.

In case you live under a rock, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It's when the NFL decks their players out in pink shoes/gloves/towels. It's when all the tacky 'Save the tatas/Save the racks/I heart boobies (or boobs)' pictures start showing up on Facebook. All of a sudden, it's cool to talk about boobs.

I can't help feeling a little icky and annoyed by it all, though.

Before you fly off the handle and accuse me of being a heartless waste of carbon, I have lots of experience with breasts - I'm a woman. I know people who have dealt with breast cancer or had abnormal mammogram.

Do we have a prostate cancer awareness month where we can run around with witty slogans about "Save your bloke - give him a grope!" to raise awareness? Nope. Why? Because your prostate isn't sexy, perhaps? It seems like t…

Hang in there!

2.5 weeks until Chicago! I got my participant guide in the mail's full of race info, ways to spend your time in Chicago, and (most importantly!) my race number! Sign up for runner tracking so you can see if by how much I crush my PR :)

Oy, with the busy!

Hey hey hey! Another double week update (because I've fallen off the face of the earth and can't get up).

34 days to go!

Woo hoo! Today is a bonus/double post since last week's training spilled over in to this week and I never got around to telling y'all about it!

The last first day of school

This was a decent week, despite being the first week of class at Purdue. It's always so weird for the first week or so to see a formerly vacant campus explode with people. This also means that WalMart is packed, you are always running in to clueless people who decide that the middle of the sidewalk is a good place to STOP and figure out where they are, and that I'm walking at least 10 minutes from my parking spot to campus.

Another weekly update

Oy, I am so boring with these post titles, sorry guys :(

This week, however, was anything but boring - stuff literally every single day for OMEGA. I think that my life is incapable of just having a normal pace: it's either moving at warp speed, or I feel like I'm riding a turtle.

80 miles (but with 92 in a 7 day period!), 1 workout, 1 fantastic long run

High points: Tuesday's workout was ok, and I eventually started feeling better as the week went on. The best run of the whole entire week, though, was Saturday's 22 miler. I woke up at 3:30am, met Stacy at the store at 4am for 2 miles, then picked up 3 more people for our first 10 (including a cookie stop at Cory's house!), then a few more at 5:50am for the last 10 (with a stop at Armstrong Hall for our traditional long run group photo). My right knee was really bothering me during the last 5 miles or so, but other than that, a great run at a decent pace and with my favorite group of crazy runner folk - I've mis…

Vacation time, la versión editada

This past week was pretty good: I got to spend some time in Ohio, and it was a down week for running! That meant that I was lazy and ate lots of whatever and got tons of sleep.

58 miles, one less-than-stellar workout, one big workout/race, and one day off!

Eh, stuff happened this week

Well, I guess I should get the big news out of the way first: I passed my prelim!

For those of you who are (un)lucky enough to not know what I'm talking about, this basically means that I'm an official PhD candidate now. Your prelim defense (at least in the PhD program in Mechanical Engineering at Purdue) is like a hybrid research proposal and MS thesis defense. A lot of it depends on your advisor or if you've already done a Master's program. In my case, it took me two years to get to this point. I tripped right out of the gate (called one of my committee members the wrong name) and was sweating through my cardigan by the end (there's a reason I wore black), but it's ALL DONE NOW and I passed :)

So. There's that.

Running update! 76 miles this week, two ok-ish workouts, one big scare where I thought I lost my GPS watch, and more good weather. I will update this with my highs and lows when I'm not so exhausted...

I'm back home in OH (IO!) this week to…

12 weeks to go!

This title almost sounds like a pregnancy countdown, doesn't it? Too bad the only belly pictures this blog features are those of Manwich...

This week: 84 miles, 21M long run, 2 workouts - highest mileage week ever! And my legs are still attached and functional, but I did pick up a few new blisters...womp womp :(

Low points: Sunday night/Monday morning, when I pulled my very first all-nighter finishing up my prelim document. This threw off my sleep schedule for a few days. Blargh. By Friday, I just wanted to lay in bed and never get up, so I stayed there for a while (like, at least an hour post-alarm). Then once I got up, I didn't want to do anything, so I just laid on the living room rug for a bit and cuddled with Mannie. Eventually I got out the door for a run I really didn't want to do that seemed like it lasted forever and a day in weather that was a little warmer than what I was used to. Whatevs. I survived.

High points: Wednesday morning's tempo run! Solo effort, …


Please PLEASE, just make it stop.

Oh good lawd. This week has been crazy. Thankfully it was a down week for running (50 miles what?!), otherwise I don't know if I would have made it.

Running recap!

Low point(s): I was very liberal with my interpretation of training 'plan' this week, as I moved my day off (due to travel), scrapped a secondary run (too hot, too late, I can make up lots of stuff), and I only got one lift in. The weather sucked, PS.

High point(s): I guess Saturday's race? I really wanted to break 20:00. Like, really really. And I almost did, running a 20:02. It was a little easier to take when I finished and my watch said 20:07. I can handle being that far away, but 3 seconds? Then the 'what ifs' start to creep in and I get bummed out and feel fat and slow and blahhhhh. Tuesday's track workout went well, so there's that too.


My prelim defense is scheduled for Friday, August 2. I spent 7 hours (!) at the lab today, trying to w…

Week 6

Hey guys!

This summer has really started to suck for running - no matter how early I get up to run, it's still miserable. I can either pick 6:30am with mid-70's temps and almost 100% humidity, 8am with mid-70's temps and 90% humidity, or 8pm with mid-80's temps and 80% humidity. Blech.

Last week: 74.3 miles, 2 workouts, 20 mile long run!

Low point: Wednesday's 1200/200 workout. I just could not hit paces for those 1200's to save my butt. I was really worried and frustrated, so when I emailed Nichole for my weekly workout update email, I told her all of that. Her advice? Be patient, little grasshopper! Sunday's run was supposed to be 6 miles, but I called it at 4.5. Saturday's long run really took it out of me and my legs just felt terrible. And it was hot and humid, Virginia style. Yuck-o!

High points: Monday's tempo run! Goal was to run 2 10:00 sections averaging 7:00/mile pace. I totally nailed it, averaging 7:01 and 6:58 pace. My friend S helped …

Week the fifth!

Woo, another week done!

High points: Monday's telephone fartlek was decent, Saturday's long run was super humid but the Fleet Feet crew made it through the entire thing, and on Thursday, I won the Fowler Firecracker Frenzy 5K and felt really awesome, especially with the power of the Sparkle Skirt :) (The race shirt features GLOW IN THE DARK fireworks!)

Low point: Wednesday's 1K/200 workout. I ran this faster and felt so so so much better the last time, so it was frustrating to have a workout that I know is completely doable for me go so poorly. I talked to Nichole a little about the nutrition side of running, so hopefully a few little changes will help me out in big ways. I also ran out of time in the evenings this week and didn't get in my second PM run, but it's ok because my legs were feeling so junky after Wednesday - extra miles just for the sake of mileage weren't going to do them any good.

70.5 miles this week, even more this week, plus a Virginia vacati…

Cuatro semanas de correr

It's scary to think that 59 miles is a down week for me now. Yeesh.

High point(s): Tuesday's 10 x 400m workout - I was able to hit my paces for every single repeat AND I didn't feel like I was dying/wildly flailing about/redlining it the entire time. It was surprisingly comfortable (not necessarily pleasant, mind you) and under control. Go team! Sunday's long run (17M) was also pretty nice. It rained almost the entire time, but I had the chance to run with a new group of folks and it was nice and cool.

Low point: Thursday's 800's/400's workout. Hot, humid, bad. Womp womp :(

This week is UP in mileage, meaning I practically live in running clothes and I often eat second breakfast. K and I are probably heading to Fowler, IN on the 4th for a fun 5K (he'll race, I'll yog and enjoy my all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast after :D). The cool weather is supposed to stick around for a bit - I have no problems at all with that! Also: it's already July!??! Y…

Recap, week the third

Derp derp derp, I'm a day late.

69 miles in 7 days with two workouts and a 17 mile long run/half marathon race!

High point: Hrm, I guess Wednesday's workout (1K repeats with 200s at the end) was pretty good. Although I wasn't able to recruit a friend to run with/pace me, I still hit my goal times and felt awesome on the 200s. ALSO, I finished 39th at Sunday's race! That's definitely the closest to the front I've ever been at a big race! The sparkle skirt received lots of compliments, and I think I was the fastest bedazzled runner :)

Low point: The aftermath of Sunday's race. It was hot and humid and even though my time was stinky slow, I figured it would suffer because of the weather. HOWEVER my legs feel abnormally garbagey today, so I think it's time to retire my beloved Saucony Tangents. They've been my half marathon buddies for quite a few races :( Also: I pooped out hardcore Sunday afternoon because of the heat. I just could NOT cool down and e…

Week 2 running recap

Oy...what a week! 68 miles in 6 days with a glorious day off :)

Low point: Wednesday's tempo workout. It was very warm and humid when I headed out the door for my run, and I think I was just too ambitious for the weather conditions. I bonked out pretty bad and had to make a pitstop at the end of the tempo sessions before starting my cool down. I did have a friend bike with me though, and that helped.

Highlight: Saturday's long run (17M with the last 1.5M at marathon pace). I ran with a big group of people from the running store and had at least one person with me for the *entire* run!

My legs were feeling crappy Monday through Thursday, but Friday's day off made them feel sooooo goooood on Saturday! Sunday's easy run was a little rough to start, but I felt decent after about half a mile. All in all, a pretty good week. Looking forward to a workout on the track and a half marathon this week!

Clothes are overrated...

So this morning, I was feeling super-productive and decided to head over to Le Target to get some new pillows, maybe a new swimsuit (replace the one that's, uh, six? years old?), maybe some running tank tops.

After spending some time cuddling with plastic-wrapped pillows, that part of my task was done. On to clothes shopping!

Two of my favorite running tanks are from Target and their cheapie C9 collection. Plain, simple, fitted, nothing wild and crazy. Unfortunately wild and crazy seems to be the norm for running apparel this season, along with a looser style that had me pawing through the racks looking for XS.

Disappointed with my tank top shopping, I was relieved to find that Target's swim collection hadn't been picked over too badly. I ended up with a size M top and bottom.

On the way to the checkout, I saw the girls' workout apparel 'section' (all two or three racks of it). They had a cute tank top in XL. It looked big. It was big. It fit me. It was also $5…

Chicago Marathon, Training week 1 recap

55.5 miles later, Week 1 of Chicago training is done!

Two workouts this week, a fartlek and a tempo. While they were both difficult, I was reminded just how challenging tempo pace (7:00/mile) is for me. They were both fun workouts and I wasn't dead after them, so that's promising.

The highlight of my week was my 15 mile long run yesterday morning in Rochester, Indiana. They are at the northern end of a really nice bike trail that was built on an old railroad track, so it's super flat and really pretty. I ran with a flashlight for the first 45 minutes (I was out the door by 4:50am), but I enjoyed beautiful weather, a gorgeous sunrise, and a perfect long run. My stomach gave up on me over the last 1-2 miles, but my legs felt good and I didn't have any issues getting down my mid-run Gu.

This week, I want to make sure I keep up with my post-run abs and push-ups and STRETCH! I've been so bad about this, it's a hard habit to break. My first day off of running (comple…

Are you there, God? It's me, uh, not-Margaret.

Oy vey. I have neglected you for so many weeks, poor blog. I am sorry. I need to update about the rest of my adventure to Colorado (approaching the 1 year anniversary...smells like the perfect time for a recap), my conference trip to Germany (sooooo much food), share the giant backlog of recipes I have, tell y'all about Mannie's latest adventures, and yak on about running.


2013 Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is a Big Deal. Even if you're not a runner, you know about Boston. Your stationary feet and Big Mac-clogged heart still know that lots of runners aspire to run Boston, and maybe you don't think of them as Runners until they've done Boston. Runners know that Boston is like the Olympics for normal human beings. It's probably the only chance you'll ever have to run a race where people like Shalane Flanagan, Ryan Hall, and every East African you've never heard of are toeing that same starting line just minutes (or maybe hours) before you.

I haven't run Boston (yet). My first marathon this fall was run with the intention of qualifying for Boston, and I was 3 days too late to get in on the action for 2013. Since I had lots of friends running it this year (and I was pulling for Shalane to win SO BAD), I was watching the live feed online. Listening to the story of the female athlete from Columbia who was leading the race for a while, cheering fo…

Please, do eat cake

I'm sure I'm not alone when I think that there are certain times where a girl (or guy) is just allowed to crave things. Like I think you're totally justified in any flavor of Ben & Jerry's after bad news of the significant other variety. I think you're allowed to want all the doughnuts in the world on your birthday (with sprinkles!). And then there are times that call for cake. Sometimes it's celebration cake and sometimes it's cake for the same reason that you need Ben & Jerry's. Like when your boyfriend decides to be late for (or forget about) your date. Or your friend forgets your birthday. Or you spill wine (red, of course) on your favorite shirt. Or when you realize that you left your car trunk open all night and now you have a dead battery and snow in your trunk...

In the case of bad news bears cake, you really don't want to make an entire cake because a.) you are UPSET and that takes energy and you don't want to spend the effort t…

In which things are delicious and odd

If your family, like mine, usually celebrates holidays with food, there's always at least one recipe that you can count on to make an appearance somewhere on the table. In our house, it's Cheesy Potato Casserole. Since my sister and I are basically moved out of the house, it also makes occasional appearances at Welcome Home! dinners. I am not complaining at all.

I made this casserole yesterday for Easter dinner with my Pastor and his family and some other church friends. Easter this year was a little weird for me, but I can't really put my finger on it.
Recipe and explanation of 'weirdness' after the break...

I want pie.

Good news y'all!



Since I have free time, here's what I'll be doing for the next week-ish: Nonsensical celebrity clothes stalking
Oh, and probably doing a real bracket too, but this is FUN! There's no Bjork bracket in the NCAA tourney.

I think I can, I think I can

"It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart."
--Finnick Odair, Suzanne Collins' Mockingjay

An old friend got me the woot!shirt for Birthmas, a new friend reminded me of this book during a run.

I love my friends so much - you are all so encouraging and supportive. You guys mean the world to me :)