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In which the world does not end (again)

I sure dodged a bullet back on the 21st when the world was going to end or some such nonsense. I drove home from Purdue that day and saw lots of cars in ditches, but the world didn't end. Phew. Since I'm still alive, this means that I can make New Year's resolutions for 2013 and, more importantly, see how I did with 2012's goals.

What did I resolve to do? Well:
Stop being late to basically everything.Hrm. Well. I think I was doing better (for a while). Pass area exams and become a bona fide PhD student! Teehee. Still working on this one :( Have my prelim defense either done or scheduled by Christmas. Bahahaha. See previous resolution.ROAD TRIP! Probably to Rocky Mountain National Park (sans Manwich) DONE! Still working on the posts to recap the trip...Run a marathon (and not Oprah-run either...) DONE! Qualified for Boston too! BAM.2500 miles for this year!DONE! Up to 2600+ :) Be the absolutely bestest friend I can no more mail slacking this year! Maybe I'll…

Merry Christmas 2012