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I am grad student-y

"Yes, there are aspects of grad school that could be improved...but despite the obvious downsides, many people go to grad school because that’s the kind of people they are. Grad student-y."

No, it's not a trip summary (either of them), but this is a good article. READ IT.

Day 1: Missouri is fat

So, this one time, my friend Lemke and I drove 2/3 of the way across the country in two days. We waited a weekish, then did it again.

Now that my life has settled down a little bit, I can finally share all the wonderful details of my road trip adventure to Colorado! I'm only a little over two months behind in my retelling....

The trip starts after the break.

The purpose of desire

Desire is like the burning firewood of life, without which there would be no light and no heat. You will not necessarily get what you want. Obstacles, disappointment, and failure are like a set of fireplace tools, which poke and prod your desire to burn more intensely. In the end, ashes are all that will remain. Whether you were able to fulfill your desire is irrelevant. What matters is whether your desire provided warmth and illumination in your life.

-- "Daily Scoldings", Beryl Barclay; September 20

Grüße aus Deutschland

I made it to Heidelberg without any issues, aside from a paralyzing fear of getting lost in a country where I speak just a few key phrases:

Excuse me.I don't speak German.Do you speak English?YesNoWhere is the toilet? Best foreign language experiences of the trip so far have involved my brain short-circuiting and defaulting to Spanish, and yesterday morning when someone hopped out of their car and asked me for directions as I was starting my run. I was still able to help them (especially since they realized I didn't speak German - my blank stare probably gave that away - but they did speak English), so go team directions!
I have tons of awesome pictures, including most of the awesome food I've been eating. When I get home and get done with quals, I will recap my Colorado adventure, rehash my trip to Germany, and share some tasty new recipes. Right now, I should probably get back to being a super nerd. Presentation on Thermally Induced Breakup of Levitated Droplets coming up…