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First day of school, round 21

Today was my 21st first day of school.

Today was the first day of my fourth year at Purdue. This, after four years at Ohio Northern, four years at Lancaster HS, two years at Thomas Ewing, six years at Medill, and one glorious year at St. B's.

Recently, I've been kinda bummed because all my friends are posting Facebook statuses about getting married/engaged, buying houses, adopting dogs, things like that. I'm posting about my first day of school, but I'm also boring everyone with my constant OMG GERMANY posts as well (oh, and that trip to Colorado). But today, oh today, as I walked down the hill next to Ross-Ade, I was excited. I don't remember being excited about a first day of school for a while now.

Of marathons and other things

My last real blog post (sorry for all the pre-packaged stuff, done way back in the day when I still had free time) was, uh, quite a while ago. (I'm not counting my blurb about hot Olympian abs.)

My life is currently very entrenched in Busy Grad Student mode. This means that while I'm juggling duties as a grad student organization president and running store employee, I'm also trying to be a good running coach for the store training group, get ready for classes (they start MONDAY omg what happened to summer), be a good friend (hello there mail!), and run.

Last week I ran 70 miles. This is a down week currently, but the next two weeks, I'm planning on running 75 and 80ish miles. Oh, and I'll be in Germany for a teensy little bit of that.

I have a little over 9 weeks until the Columbus Marathon. I can confidently say that I am nervous at this point. My training plan didn't come from a book or a coach or anything. It's quite the franken-plan thanks to three or …

DIY granola bars

Oh pumpkin. You are just so much fun. I can carve funny (or scary) faces into you. I can turn you into a pie. I can roast your innards and eat them as a snack. So much fun stuff! Sorry if you're getting pumpkin overload, but I love these granola bars. I like the chewy variety more than the crunchy kind, but they're always so sugary. Not so with these! If it weren't for the honey, they'd be vegan as well. And of course anything with chocolate has to be good too, right? Right. Mix up a batch, throw one in your bag for an afternoon snack, or pack it in your lunch for a healthy dessert. Just try to share at least one (or two if you're generous) with your friends or family...

A Most Excellent Cake

Oh. My. Goodness.

Ms. Smitten pulled me in with this cake. The pictures on her website are stupefying. So many layers. I read through the recipe: so much chocolate. So many eggs. So much sugar.

My next thought? I MUST MAKE THIS. Of course!

I should do what now?

I survived my trip to Colorado, just in case you were wondering. (I've had prescheduled posts for a while now...)

I promise that I will share all the lovely details of my road trip.


But now...THE OLYMPICS. Ryan Lochte is pretty darn cute, no? And those volleyball guys aren't bad either. What could be better than lots of in-shape men in very tight spandex? Certainly not a recap of my vacation, that's for sure...