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Walnut Crusted Chicken

I'm pretty sure this is what my mom made me for my birthday dinner this past January. I have absolutely no complaints. (My birthday dinner also featured a German Chocolate cake and at least one candle...success!). The Dijon mustard gives the chicken a fun kick, and the walnuts add interesting texture and just a tiny bit of sweetness. The chicken comes out crispy on the outside and really juicy on the inside...and this recipe is super fast and easy!

Beans, beans, the musical fruit!

The seester is a vegetarian, all the way back to her high school days. While I'm not on board the good ship VeggiesOnly, I'm not averse to eating veggie burgers and I certainly don't need a steak or burger every day. That being said, veggie burgers (Boca, MorningStar, etc.) are kind of expensive. You know what's not expensive?


Salsa time!

I really really really like fresh salsa. Or fresh guacamole. Or fresh anything vegetable-y, really. So when I found a good, relatively easy recipe for salsa, of course I had to try it! The hardest part is just taking the time to chop everything up. When I made this particular batch, I enlisted the help of the seester (who is the lovely hand modeling proper chip-holding form in the last picture). With farmer's markets bursting with fresh produce right now, this is a perfect cookout dish!

Fancy pants in the kitchen

This recipe has a fancy name, but it's actually pretty easy to make. If you're scared of eggplant (like I am!), then you can easily substitute chicken instead. I think the actual dish involves pasta? I served my chickeny bits with some spaghetti and lots o' sauce. Yum :)

Happy 4th of July

The past two years, I've spent the 4th of July with family friends up in Chicago. Since the 4th is a Wednesday this year (weird work week, what?), I decided to stay in WL. This meant that I could finally participate in my first Lafayette Citizen's Band concert!

We had 4 hours of rehearsal this evening. Outside. In the sun, then in the buggy darkness.

If you are less than 2 hours away, you better be at the concert tomorrow night. (We start at 8pm.) I sweated my buns off for your entertainment!