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A recipe for Charlie Brown

I love pumpkin. The best part of Thanksgiving dinner? Pumpkin pie (and dressing/stuffing). Tastiest quick bread? Pumpkin. I'm sad when people assume that pumpkin is just a fall flavor. Maybe they're right, but this Pumpkin Bread Pudding was pretty delicious when I made it for dessert on Monday night (and breakfast/snacks/dessert the rest of the week!).

The littlest worm

I remember this awesome song from my Girl Scout days:

The littlest worm (The littlest worm)
I ever saw (I ever saw)
Was stuck inside (Was stuck inside)
My soda straw (My soda straw)
The littlest worm I ever saw was stuck inside my soda straw

Subsequent verses have the worm pleading for mercy, the singer swallowing the worm and then lamenting his inevitable drowning, the singer coughing up the worm and hiding him in the counselor's bed, and then saying good bye to the poor dead little worm.

This probably ranks right up there with 'Alice the Camel' for favorite camp songs.

Oddly enough, the women's restroom in my lab building reminds me of the worm song.

The Food Baby

Sometimes lots of small things (three, in this case) come together into a not-so-small thing (this blog post!), and then an idea that's been rolling around in your brain for a while suddenly becomes an actual coherent thing.



1. It seems that my 'regular' posting schedule of Sundays has now shifted to Mondays.

2. It is HOT.

3. There are so many Recipes of (Potentially) Epic Proportions that I would love to make right now but can't because of 2. although the cheapskate in me loves the fact that having the A/C set at 80 feels divine. 80! Why is this? SEE 2.

I feel like a hobo

Fear not, faithful readers! I'm still alive! The past couple of weeks have been crazy-busy, but this last week was the craziest of them all.