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How to walk your cat

I've lived in my current apartment complex for almost two whole years now. Manwich has been my partner in crime for almost three years, so he obviously made then move to my new digs by WalMart. If you follow this blog with any regularity, you know that I really like to run. A lot. Really. Really.
Sometimes Mannie decides he wants to enjoy the great out of doors with me post-run as I sit and stretch on the patio. After trying to fish my cat out of bushes (or from under a neighbor's SUV or out of the neighbor's bushes), I decided to buy him a harness and leash. (These items also have the benefit of making the 5 hour drive home bearable. Not enjoyable necessarily, but I don't want to kill and skin Manwich by the time we hit Richmond.)


Ah, back home in Ohio.

Ohio, the Buckeye State:
Where they welcome you with a giant blue arch on I-70, there's at least one orange construction barrel for everyone over 16, and the drivers all signal their lane changes or turns....and then keep reminding you of what they just did for the next two miles.

It's good to be home (for a bit)

Life of a grad student, Part the First

My current life dilemma:

Which is more important? Clean silverware/dishes/being able to see my counter? Or clean laundry?

Forks win. I still have enough socks and undies to get me through the weekend. I can't spoon chicken stir-fry or manicotti. Then again, maybe I can...

Lazy bum!


This week.

I guess I should actually rewind to this past Saturday instead. I was sweet talked by Mr. K (back in November, no less) into running the Indy Mini Marathon. The last time I ran this particular 13.1 mile course was back in 2010, during my first year at Purdue. It was my second-ever half marathon and I was super excited. An opportunity to PR! Run a lap around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway! Stay with my semi-professional runner friend in Indy!

New Year's, Part II

If y'all can remember back to January (or just go here if you're like me and are doing good to remember your name and which apartment is yours some days...), I made a rather ambitious set of New Year's resolutions. Since we're already in to May, let's see how I'm doing, shall we?