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My kingdom for a cookie

Hokay. So.

A little while ago I was all about these guys and going on about how tasty they were, and how easy to make, and all sorts of positive nonsense.


I found a recipe for....

It's ok, I'm special

This has been a crazy week for me.

I had the final exam for my class (only one!) this semester yesterday. It kinda sucked.

I've been working my buns off on a conference paper since last weekend. The paper was supposed to be due by Germany midnight on Sunday. Then Germany midnight on Monday. Now Germany midnight today.

This weekend is the official grand opening for my Happy Place of Employment. They're hosting a 'fun run' at 9am and the store opens at 10am. Originally, I agreed to pick up a noon to 6pm shift, but now I'm supposed to do the entire day. And show up for the fun run if I can.

In light of all of this, I decided to not go to the lab today and instead stalk my email from the comfort of sweatpants and my couch. Unfortunately, this also means that I annihilated the remainder of my off-brand Oreos. (One lonely cookie left. I can't stuff my mouth and type at the same time, and I really don't want to drip milk or get crumbs in my keyboard. His time is s…

I'm only going to do this once. Probably.


Some people have noble and/or lofty life goals like finding a cure for cancer, climbing Mt. Everest, or riding their bike across the country. Other people are all about volunteering every other weekend or donating blood often enough that they can measure their lifetime total in gallons.


I donated my hair this weekend:

Yup, a whole entire foot of hair. I think it took me about 3 years to grow it out to this point. I did get it trimmed and whatnot, but I haven't had a Big Change Haircut in, uh, quite a while...
Needless to say, my head felt a bit naked after my ponytail got chopped off. To my credit, I didn't cry at the salon (or even think about crying, honestly). I think K got tired of hearing me say 'IT'S SO SHORT!' for the rest of the day (and today, too), but he's such a good sport that he won't say anything about it :)
The ponytail is currently sealed up in an envelope waiting for me to mail it off to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program on …

A 'good things' trifecta

I am a big fan of things I can make lots of, then stick half of it in the freezer, forget about it, then celebrate dinner Christmas when I uncover it a month or two down the road :) I am also a fan of veggies that hide in less healthy things (like peppers in cream cheese). I'm the biggest fan of any kind of pasta, though, so to find a recipe that hits three wonderful things (lots! sneaky veggies! carbs!) is pretty amazing.