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In which the world does not end (again)

I sure dodged a bullet back on the 21st when the world was going to end or some such nonsense. I drove home from Purdue that day and saw lots of cars in ditches, but the world didn't end. Phew. Since I'm still alive, this means that I can make New Year's resolutions for 2013 and, more importantly, see how I did with 2012's goals.

What did I resolve to do? Well:
Stop being late to basically everything.Hrm. Well. I think I was doing better (for a while). Pass area exams and become a bona fide PhD student! Teehee. Still working on this one :( Have my prelim defense either done or scheduled by Christmas. Bahahaha. See previous resolution.ROAD TRIP! Probably to Rocky Mountain National Park (sans Manwich) DONE! Still working on the posts to recap the trip...Run a marathon (and not Oprah-run either...) DONE! Qualified for Boston too! BAM.2500 miles for this year!DONE! Up to 2600+ :) Be the absolutely bestest friend I can no more mail slacking this year! Maybe I'll…

Merry Christmas 2012


Road trip day 3


Staying in Fort Collins meant that we had to drive to Estes Park and RMNP every day. That meant driving this road ------>
to get to this sign

Day 2: There's not much to Kansas

Nope, just a whole lot of flat. The second (and last) run in Salina was quite the adventure. We picked up a very friendly dog about halfway out on our out-and-back loop. I figured that eventually the dog would get tired and go home.


Eventually we decided that road tripping with not our dog was probably a bad idea, so we stopped a van getting ready to leave to ask if they knew whose dog we had been running with. Turns out, it was their dog and it would have probably run all the way to Fort Collins with us.

I am grad student-y

"Yes, there are aspects of grad school that could be improved...but despite the obvious downsides, many people go to grad school because that’s the kind of people they are. Grad student-y."

No, it's not a trip summary (either of them), but this is a good article. READ IT.

Day 1: Missouri is fat

So, this one time, my friend Lemke and I drove 2/3 of the way across the country in two days. We waited a weekish, then did it again.

Now that my life has settled down a little bit, I can finally share all the wonderful details of my road trip adventure to Colorado! I'm only a little over two months behind in my retelling....

The trip starts after the break.

The purpose of desire

Desire is like the burning firewood of life, without which there would be no light and no heat. You will not necessarily get what you want. Obstacles, disappointment, and failure are like a set of fireplace tools, which poke and prod your desire to burn more intensely. In the end, ashes are all that will remain. Whether you were able to fulfill your desire is irrelevant. What matters is whether your desire provided warmth and illumination in your life.

-- "Daily Scoldings", Beryl Barclay; September 20

Grüße aus Deutschland

I made it to Heidelberg without any issues, aside from a paralyzing fear of getting lost in a country where I speak just a few key phrases:

Excuse me.I don't speak German.Do you speak English?YesNoWhere is the toilet? Best foreign language experiences of the trip so far have involved my brain short-circuiting and defaulting to Spanish, and yesterday morning when someone hopped out of their car and asked me for directions as I was starting my run. I was still able to help them (especially since they realized I didn't speak German - my blank stare probably gave that away - but they did speak English), so go team directions!
I have tons of awesome pictures, including most of the awesome food I've been eating. When I get home and get done with quals, I will recap my Colorado adventure, rehash my trip to Germany, and share some tasty new recipes. Right now, I should probably get back to being a super nerd. Presentation on Thermally Induced Breakup of Levitated Droplets coming up…

First day of school, round 21

Today was my 21st first day of school.

Today was the first day of my fourth year at Purdue. This, after four years at Ohio Northern, four years at Lancaster HS, two years at Thomas Ewing, six years at Medill, and one glorious year at St. B's.

Recently, I've been kinda bummed because all my friends are posting Facebook statuses about getting married/engaged, buying houses, adopting dogs, things like that. I'm posting about my first day of school, but I'm also boring everyone with my constant OMG GERMANY posts as well (oh, and that trip to Colorado). But today, oh today, as I walked down the hill next to Ross-Ade, I was excited. I don't remember being excited about a first day of school for a while now.

Of marathons and other things

My last real blog post (sorry for all the pre-packaged stuff, done way back in the day when I still had free time) was, uh, quite a while ago. (I'm not counting my blurb about hot Olympian abs.)

My life is currently very entrenched in Busy Grad Student mode. This means that while I'm juggling duties as a grad student organization president and running store employee, I'm also trying to be a good running coach for the store training group, get ready for classes (they start MONDAY omg what happened to summer), be a good friend (hello there mail!), and run.

Last week I ran 70 miles. This is a down week currently, but the next two weeks, I'm planning on running 75 and 80ish miles. Oh, and I'll be in Germany for a teensy little bit of that.

I have a little over 9 weeks until the Columbus Marathon. I can confidently say that I am nervous at this point. My training plan didn't come from a book or a coach or anything. It's quite the franken-plan thanks to three or …

DIY granola bars

Oh pumpkin. You are just so much fun. I can carve funny (or scary) faces into you. I can turn you into a pie. I can roast your innards and eat them as a snack. So much fun stuff! Sorry if you're getting pumpkin overload, but I love these granola bars. I like the chewy variety more than the crunchy kind, but they're always so sugary. Not so with these! If it weren't for the honey, they'd be vegan as well. And of course anything with chocolate has to be good too, right? Right. Mix up a batch, throw one in your bag for an afternoon snack, or pack it in your lunch for a healthy dessert. Just try to share at least one (or two if you're generous) with your friends or family...

A Most Excellent Cake

Oh. My. Goodness.

Ms. Smitten pulled me in with this cake. The pictures on her website are stupefying. So many layers. I read through the recipe: so much chocolate. So many eggs. So much sugar.

My next thought? I MUST MAKE THIS. Of course!

I should do what now?

I survived my trip to Colorado, just in case you were wondering. (I've had prescheduled posts for a while now...)

I promise that I will share all the lovely details of my road trip.


But now...THE OLYMPICS. Ryan Lochte is pretty darn cute, no? And those volleyball guys aren't bad either. What could be better than lots of in-shape men in very tight spandex? Certainly not a recap of my vacation, that's for sure...

Walnut Crusted Chicken

I'm pretty sure this is what my mom made me for my birthday dinner this past January. I have absolutely no complaints. (My birthday dinner also featured a German Chocolate cake and at least one candle...success!). The Dijon mustard gives the chicken a fun kick, and the walnuts add interesting texture and just a tiny bit of sweetness. The chicken comes out crispy on the outside and really juicy on the inside...and this recipe is super fast and easy!

Beans, beans, the musical fruit!

The seester is a vegetarian, all the way back to her high school days. While I'm not on board the good ship VeggiesOnly, I'm not averse to eating veggie burgers and I certainly don't need a steak or burger every day. That being said, veggie burgers (Boca, MorningStar, etc.) are kind of expensive. You know what's not expensive?


Salsa time!

I really really really like fresh salsa. Or fresh guacamole. Or fresh anything vegetable-y, really. So when I found a good, relatively easy recipe for salsa, of course I had to try it! The hardest part is just taking the time to chop everything up. When I made this particular batch, I enlisted the help of the seester (who is the lovely hand modeling proper chip-holding form in the last picture). With farmer's markets bursting with fresh produce right now, this is a perfect cookout dish!

Fancy pants in the kitchen

This recipe has a fancy name, but it's actually pretty easy to make. If you're scared of eggplant (like I am!), then you can easily substitute chicken instead. I think the actual dish involves pasta? I served my chickeny bits with some spaghetti and lots o' sauce. Yum :)

Happy 4th of July

The past two years, I've spent the 4th of July with family friends up in Chicago. Since the 4th is a Wednesday this year (weird work week, what?), I decided to stay in WL. This meant that I could finally participate in my first Lafayette Citizen's Band concert!

We had 4 hours of rehearsal this evening. Outside. In the sun, then in the buggy darkness.

If you are less than 2 hours away, you better be at the concert tomorrow night. (We start at 8pm.) I sweated my buns off for your entertainment!

A recipe for Charlie Brown

I love pumpkin. The best part of Thanksgiving dinner? Pumpkin pie (and dressing/stuffing). Tastiest quick bread? Pumpkin. I'm sad when people assume that pumpkin is just a fall flavor. Maybe they're right, but this Pumpkin Bread Pudding was pretty delicious when I made it for dessert on Monday night (and breakfast/snacks/dessert the rest of the week!).

The littlest worm

I remember this awesome song from my Girl Scout days:

The littlest worm (The littlest worm)
I ever saw (I ever saw)
Was stuck inside (Was stuck inside)
My soda straw (My soda straw)
The littlest worm I ever saw was stuck inside my soda straw

Subsequent verses have the worm pleading for mercy, the singer swallowing the worm and then lamenting his inevitable drowning, the singer coughing up the worm and hiding him in the counselor's bed, and then saying good bye to the poor dead little worm.

This probably ranks right up there with 'Alice the Camel' for favorite camp songs.

Oddly enough, the women's restroom in my lab building reminds me of the worm song.

The Food Baby

Sometimes lots of small things (three, in this case) come together into a not-so-small thing (this blog post!), and then an idea that's been rolling around in your brain for a while suddenly becomes an actual coherent thing.



1. It seems that my 'regular' posting schedule of Sundays has now shifted to Mondays.

2. It is HOT.

3. There are so many Recipes of (Potentially) Epic Proportions that I would love to make right now but can't because of 2. although the cheapskate in me loves the fact that having the A/C set at 80 feels divine. 80! Why is this? SEE 2.

I feel like a hobo

Fear not, faithful readers! I'm still alive! The past couple of weeks have been crazy-busy, but this last week was the craziest of them all.

How to walk your cat

I've lived in my current apartment complex for almost two whole years now. Manwich has been my partner in crime for almost three years, so he obviously made then move to my new digs by WalMart. If you follow this blog with any regularity, you know that I really like to run. A lot. Really. Really.
Sometimes Mannie decides he wants to enjoy the great out of doors with me post-run as I sit and stretch on the patio. After trying to fish my cat out of bushes (or from under a neighbor's SUV or out of the neighbor's bushes), I decided to buy him a harness and leash. (These items also have the benefit of making the 5 hour drive home bearable. Not enjoyable necessarily, but I don't want to kill and skin Manwich by the time we hit Richmond.)


Ah, back home in Ohio.

Ohio, the Buckeye State:
Where they welcome you with a giant blue arch on I-70, there's at least one orange construction barrel for everyone over 16, and the drivers all signal their lane changes or turns....and then keep reminding you of what they just did for the next two miles.

It's good to be home (for a bit)

Life of a grad student, Part the First

My current life dilemma:

Which is more important? Clean silverware/dishes/being able to see my counter? Or clean laundry?

Forks win. I still have enough socks and undies to get me through the weekend. I can't spoon chicken stir-fry or manicotti. Then again, maybe I can...

Lazy bum!


This week.

I guess I should actually rewind to this past Saturday instead. I was sweet talked by Mr. K (back in November, no less) into running the Indy Mini Marathon. The last time I ran this particular 13.1 mile course was back in 2010, during my first year at Purdue. It was my second-ever half marathon and I was super excited. An opportunity to PR! Run a lap around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway! Stay with my semi-professional runner friend in Indy!

New Year's, Part II

If y'all can remember back to January (or just go here if you're like me and are doing good to remember your name and which apartment is yours some days...), I made a rather ambitious set of New Year's resolutions. Since we're already in to May, let's see how I'm doing, shall we?

My kingdom for a cookie

Hokay. So.

A little while ago I was all about these guys and going on about how tasty they were, and how easy to make, and all sorts of positive nonsense.


I found a recipe for....

It's ok, I'm special

This has been a crazy week for me.

I had the final exam for my class (only one!) this semester yesterday. It kinda sucked.

I've been working my buns off on a conference paper since last weekend. The paper was supposed to be due by Germany midnight on Sunday. Then Germany midnight on Monday. Now Germany midnight today.

This weekend is the official grand opening for my Happy Place of Employment. They're hosting a 'fun run' at 9am and the store opens at 10am. Originally, I agreed to pick up a noon to 6pm shift, but now I'm supposed to do the entire day. And show up for the fun run if I can.

In light of all of this, I decided to not go to the lab today and instead stalk my email from the comfort of sweatpants and my couch. Unfortunately, this also means that I annihilated the remainder of my off-brand Oreos. (One lonely cookie left. I can't stuff my mouth and type at the same time, and I really don't want to drip milk or get crumbs in my keyboard. His time is s…

I'm only going to do this once. Probably.


Some people have noble and/or lofty life goals like finding a cure for cancer, climbing Mt. Everest, or riding their bike across the country. Other people are all about volunteering every other weekend or donating blood often enough that they can measure their lifetime total in gallons.


I donated my hair this weekend:

Yup, a whole entire foot of hair. I think it took me about 3 years to grow it out to this point. I did get it trimmed and whatnot, but I haven't had a Big Change Haircut in, uh, quite a while...
Needless to say, my head felt a bit naked after my ponytail got chopped off. To my credit, I didn't cry at the salon (or even think about crying, honestly). I think K got tired of hearing me say 'IT'S SO SHORT!' for the rest of the day (and today, too), but he's such a good sport that he won't say anything about it :)
The ponytail is currently sealed up in an envelope waiting for me to mail it off to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program on …

A 'good things' trifecta

I am a big fan of things I can make lots of, then stick half of it in the freezer, forget about it, then celebrate dinner Christmas when I uncover it a month or two down the road :) I am also a fan of veggies that hide in less healthy things (like peppers in cream cheese). I'm the biggest fan of any kind of pasta, though, so to find a recipe that hits three wonderful things (lots! sneaky veggies! carbs!) is pretty amazing.

Productivity: Culinary arts > Engineering

This past week (7 days week, not 'starting Sunday to Saturday' week) has been pretty spectacular in terms of cooking/baking/being culinarily crafty: new broccoli recipe, new cinnamon roll recipe, procurement of a pineapple, making of a pasta dish, and baking of an impromptu cake.

In the spirit of organization, I'll share my adventures with you in chronological order, starting with The Broccoli. This is one recipe where I wouldn't mind being a vegetarian (even though I don't think that the best part of a cow is its moo) and I'd be content to eat broccoli every day for the foreseeable future.

Le sigh...

For the second week in a row now, I have somehow managed to misplace large chunks of my Thursday. Next thing I know, it's almost 10:30, I'm baking cinnamon rolls, I'm still disgusting from my run, and I haven't eaten dinner.

I had two great recipes for y'all today, but it's late and I'm tired and I haven't gotten anything ready to face my Friday (or the weekend, for that matter). I'm waiting on my last load of laundry to finish up so I can throw it in the dryer and throw myself into my cozy bed.

Until I can actually be bothered to post another recipe (with pictures from my new-to-me camera), I'll give you pictures of the Manwich. Now that it's warming up, it's Belly Sprawl Season!

Dear Spring, I miss you...

Since Mother Nature seems to have skipped right to June and West Lafayette currently feels more like somewhere Down South (Florida, maybe?), Jambalaya seemed like a delicious option for dinner this evening.
IN OTHER NEWS (relating to cookies, of course, because what other news would I have in my life?): I made yet another batch of the most delicious cookies, this time adding 2 cups of oats instead of just one. Aside from my oven doing wonky things (and a cookie sheet that was unwilling to let go of cookies after the first batch), they turned out even better than the first few batches I've made. I think I'll try dried fruit at some point, possibly white chocolate chips, and maybe (just maybe!) adding those stupid pecans. Maybe.
Read on for an actual recipe!

Om nom nom nom

DID YOU KNOW: Cookie Monster's favorite cookie is the chocolate chip variety (with oatmeal coming in second). Basically, these are Cookie Monster Cookies.

I am glad I didn't give up desserts for Lent. These cookies are the most addictive things I've ever baked. I got back from a 14 mile run yesterday and promptly ate at least 4 of them. I just cannot stop eating them. They're better than normal chocolate chip cookies and way better than oatmeal raisin cookies. Basically, you'll never want to try anything else again because These Are It.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
Adapted from Smitten Kitchen
8 T. unsalted butter, room temperature
3/4 c. sugar
1 c. light brown sugar, firmly packed
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. vanilla
2 large eggs
1 1/2 c. flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. nutmeg
1 c. quick-cooking oats
12 oz. semisweet chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350.

Using an electric mixer, beat the butter until light and fluffy. Add both sugars, salt, and vanilla, and beat until…

French, really?

'Casserole' is a French (never would have guessed) word meaning one type of dish for cooking in. I think it just means 'throw all your random leftovers together to create dinner magic'. (Also: 'smorgasboard' comes from the Swedish terms for 'bread and butter table'. Apparently. I learned this at trivia last night, but the guy reading the questions couldn't get Chris Bosch's name out correctly, and he butchered the pronunciation of "aurora borealis" so I could be getting my random trivia info all mixed up...)


For my first 'real food' post-surgery meal, I decided a casserole would be a good idea. This one's from way back in my 4H days, so it doesn't really have a name. Then again, you're probably not going to name something that's a mismash of whatever you have hanging around the kitchen, right?

Nameless Casserole
Says it serves 4, but y'all better be hungry...
1 lb. cooked ground meat (beef, turkey, ch…

Bonus day ≠ bonus post

Dear readers,

I'm a terrible blogger. I made these amazing cookies. Really. Amazing. I can't stop eating them.

Instead of remembering to take pictures so I could blog about them to y'all later, I just wanted to eat them, nice and hot and fresh out of the oven. This might have been because I felt like baking cookies at 1am Monday morning. It might have been because I'm such a mean, terrible person.

This weekend should prove to be full of FUN and EXCITEMENT. If I survive, I promise that I'll share the recipe for the World's Most Habit-Forming Cookies. It involves quick oats, so they're kinda healthy right? Exactly.

Yours truly,


I love you but...

We all harbor love/hate relationships. Some people love chocolate...but it makes them fat. Other people love scrapbooking...but their sister's neighbor's sister-in-law does it better. In college, I knew some people who loved running...but not track season.


In high school, I never even wasted my energy on pretending to have a love/hate relationship. I hated track. I sucked. I was slow. I got the pity clap, and there was nowhere on that stupid 400m oval of crushed rubber to hide my shame and slow, slow legs.

But then...

Along came college. All of a sudden, track wasn't just one season long but two. I told myself I'd just run cross country (never mind the fact that this is what Drew Wilson also did, and the guys crucified him. I'm not a guy, obviously, but girls can be just as mean as guys, only with less humor and more self-loathing if you are the target.) This is how I got sucked into indoor track. I managed to avoid the 800 (outside of workouts) and only ran th…

Valentine's dinner for one

Back to our regularly scheduled (Regular? Who am I kidding...) food programming!

It's been a crazy past few weeks out here at Purdue. Good thing Valentine's Day happened after area exams. Otherwise somebody would have probably found me in a sugar-induced food coma due to overindulging on February 15 from 50% off holiday candy...

Since I was cooking for one on Valentine's this year, I decided I was going to make an effort to do something nice for dinner. (Nice being not soup from a can or ordering pizza.) I ended up making this chicken along with steamed broccoli and garlic mashed potatoes (since I wouldn't be kissing anyone, it didn't matter how garlic-y they were). This is a pretty easy recipe and you end up with really juicy, tasty chicken. Enjoy!

Pan Fried Chicken

1/2 c. all-purpose flour
1 T. paprika
1 1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. pepper
3 - 3 1/2 lb. cut up chicken (boneless, skinless, bone-in, skin on, doesn't matter)
Vegetable oil

In a shallow dish, mix flour, paprik…

Sharks and minnows

I feel like Purdue brings out the inner "that guy" in many engineering graduate students as they slowly (some more slowly than others) realize that they are no longer a big fish in a small pond. Or even a big fish in a big pond. They are now a minnow in a shark tank...and this really, really bothers them. Uh oh. Many minnows (those guys) decide they can either make themselves bigger minnows (so impressive?) or smaller minnows (so pitiful?).

Type A: Bigger Minnow
These people might have pretty hot stuff in their circle of friends at Undergrad U. Maybe they played guitar (in a band? extra points!). Maybe they studied/traveled abroad and every other story when you first get to know them begins with "So this one time in Argentina...". Maybe they just  feel better if they're the center of attention. These are usually the folks that love to name drop. Doesn't matter what you're talking about, they'll always find a way to one-up the conversation. I feel lik…

Why, hello there!

Yes! It's really me! I'm back, honest-to-goodness! I made it through my PhD qualifying exams in one entire piece. That doesn't mean that I've gotten rid of my baggy raccoon eyes, lost the 5-10 pounds of chocolate/candy/sucky diet/stress weight I've gained, or reclaimed my cozy bed as my snuggle buddy


I did return ALL of my study materials to the lab. This means I have a kitchen table. On which to decorate cutout cookies.

Insomnia leads to some crazy ideas, so I'll have some pretty good blog posts over the next few weeks. So glad I'm back to normal grad student life :)

I need a hand

I'm down to three non-stubbly fingernails. (This is why I need spare hands...)
I have a lovely stress-induced mountain on my face.
I collected quite the handful of hair in the shower this morning.
I made brownies this evening and have eaten my way through one row of them.
Because I have area exams starting on Monday! Then Friday! Then the following Thursday! And I am rubbish at dealing with test stress. I need to keep running so I a.) will relieve some stress and b.) will remember to shower. If you see me, please give me a toothbrush and set your phone alarm for 15 minutes and put me down for a power nap. 
See ya in a couple weeks, fair readers. I need to go conquer some stuff...

Carpe diem: seize the fish

A friend from ONU posted this on his Facebook wall. Since I'm all for procrastinating via interesting (or not) web articles, I settled in for a good read. I have to agree with my friend: I like this. And I'm not even a parent!


I felt like everyone was telling me this every other day while I was in college at Ohio Northern. Oh! College was the best 3/4/5 years of my life! Enjoy this experience because you'll never have anything else like it again! The real world is cruel and harsh and unforgiving, so screw around and take advantage of your lack of responsibility now!

Now, don't get me wrong and jump to the conclusion that I was an introvert who hated college. Au contraire! I loved college. I was involved in so many (too many?) things and tried my darndest to squeeze every cent out of my college tuition/experience. Late night runs to Mac or Taco Bell? Check. Drinks on my 21st at the Beagle? Check (but about 3 months late...whatever). Collegiate athletics? Check, che…

On this day in history...

...lots of famous people were born, people like Shannon Lucid, LL Cool J, and Andy Rooney (pick your famous based on your age). I'm not famous, but I am celebrating the big quarter-century mark today!

Now, I ask you, what would a birthday be without a fun recipe? A big pile of lame, that's what. To keep my birthday from being lame, here's a recipe that my mom usually only makes at Christmas, so it's kind of a big deal. I made it last weekend (with a slight modification) to kick-start my birthday celebration (because a big surprise showed up at my door). I ended up eating Bubble Bread for breakfast every day this week and it was probably the best week of breakfast (except for that time I went to Portugal...)

Bubble Bread
2 loaves frozen bread dough, thawed (stick in the fridge and wait a must be thawed)
1 box (4 serving size) butterscotch (or vanilla if WalMart fails you and doesn't have butterscotch) pudding mix -- NOT INSTANT!!!! (cook and serve style)
1 c. f…

Is this normal?

I just unsubscribed from all types of Groupon emails since I'm too far away from Indy for them to be actually useful. Apparently Groupon was so sorry to see me go, they gave me the option to 'punish Derrick'. (Derrick was 'the guy who though you'd enjoy receiving Groupon emails'.) There was a 'punish Derrick' button and everything.

I was a little weirded out by this.

So: Are the folks at Groupon nuts? Am I the crazy one? Most importantly, is this normal?

I'm so serious guys!

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 2600 miles. 9 states. 14 days?

I have friends at every stop except Rapid City, SC SD (Mt. Rushmore and Badlands) and Cawker City, KS (huge twine ball). I should probably eat at some crazy places too.

I think I need a SpeedyRewards card and more music. And some sunscreen.

I AM SO EXCITED. Bring it on, summer...

In which the world does not end

With all the 'The world will end in 2012 according to the Mayans!' press going on, I can't help but be reminded of all the crazy surrounding 2000 and how the world was going to end then because somehow computers wouldn't be smart enough to handle all those zeros. (As my dad likes to point out, the computer is only as smart as its builder/programmer. I can't think of anyone whose head exploded because they either a.) couldn't handle 2000 or b.) switched to 1900 instead of 2000 and the possibility of time travel just *poof*. The end.)

My dear friend V made 12 resolutions for 2012, one for each month. If you follow my running log/diary, then you've already had a preview of what's to come in the Wonderful World of Sharona for 2012. So without further ado....

My 2012 New Year's Resolutions/Goals:
Stop being late to basically everything.Pass area exams and become a bona fide PhD student!Have my prelim defense either done or scheduled by Christmas.ROAD TRIP…