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A wee bit of a change

Hey faithful readers (all three of you?), sorry for the lack of updates. I'm in the final stretch of delivering my thesis baby (due date is July 13 at 10am) and I'm suffering from a severe lack of motivation coupled with a strong desire to roadtrip. Things are not looking good for the baby :(

Anyhoo, this has also (unfortunately) led to a pathetic update schedule for da blog. I'm sorry for anyone relying on me for awesomesauce recipes and stuff like that. One thing I have managed to find time for is tumblr stalking. I'm a huge fan of the super motivational tumblrs and the ones dedicated to pizza :) So y'all can look for fun stuff from these reposted on da blog here. I figure that people in Botswana, newlyweds (if you can count the # of years you've been married on your own digits, toes included, you're still a newlywed), and fellow grad students all need a little help in the motivation department (and food too).

To summarize (I hate presentations ending with …