Sometimes, I read for fun!

Totally random post/topic here, but I have a pile of books sitting on the kitchen counter that I said I wouldn't put away until I blogged about here we are!

I've done a decent amount of traveling/flying so far this year, and since I don't have a ton of free time, I usually take advantage of long flights to read. A couple of these took me only one cross country flight to devour, while others didn't suck me in quite as much and maybe it took two or three flights to finish :) Without further ado...

Mountains2Beach recap

Summer has officially hit here in Southern Arizona, so the end of my 2017-2018 racing season has arrived as well. I decided to run the Mountains2Beach half in Ventura, CA over Memorial Day weekend for a fun vacation before taking a few weeks off from formal training.

2018 Racing and training update!

Not much of a racing update for 2018 (all one race...), but there's been a lot of training going on!


Hey guys!

Things have been pretty quiet around here for a long time, so I figured that I'd try to ease back in to updating this in 2018. (We'll see how long that lasts, right?!)

The Art of Friendship

So this post *is* (kinda) about running, just maybe not what you'd usually expect to see here...only because running has played such a large role in my life and I've gotten to know so many wonderful people through the sport!

Quickie update

So much for New Year's resolutions, huh?!

Approaching the halfway point through 2017, and here's what I've been up to so far:
- The Canadian and I bought a house
- Trip to Indianapolis for my bachelorette party
- Mannie was diagnosed as a diabetic (after getting really sick really fast and was in the kitty ICU for almost a week)
- WE GOT MARRIED in March!
- We had to say goodbye to Mannie a little over a week after the wedding
- Harold (my first car, a trusty 2004 Civic) overheated and died on a weekend trip to Phoenix, creating the need to buy a(n unplanned) new car less than 48 hours after his untimely demise :(
- Trip to Vegas for the seester's wedding
- I struggled through the remainder of my marathon training and finished the Fargo Marathon in a little over 3:34
- Trip to Boston for a good friend from high school's wedding!

WHAT IS GOING ON. (Too much, that is the correct answer.)

Running hasn't been great since pretty much after LA last February. I starte…

Cheers to 2017!

The Canadian and I rang in the New Year up in Phoenix last night by starting with a football game, heading to a casino, and ending the night at Denny's with some chicken and waffles (as you are wont to do when you're slightly intoxicated, have finally changed into clothes that allow you to sit comfortably, and are STARVING).

Although OSU royally pooped themselves against Clemson, I think that our New Year's was a success! I'm too old to try and keep up with making resolutions and then keeping track of how I do with them, so let me just tell you what we've got going on in 2017:
- MAWAGE! The Canadian and I are getting hitched in March...
- ...but first, we're buying a house!
- Oh, and the seester is following suite and tying the knot in the spring!
- And then we're going to Canada for our honeymoon...
- ...but don't want to travel too much since we'll be going to Japan and South Korea in the fall!
- And somewhere in there, I'm going to run two ma…